Friday 14 November 2003

The Plough Vol 01 No 14

The Plough #14
14 November 2003

E-mail newsletter of the Irish Republican Socialist Party

1. Statement From The Leadership Of The Irish National Liberation Army
2. Out Of Order
3. Major Blow for Progressive Republicans
4. Boycott Coca Cola
5. The Rights of Colombian workers
6. What's On



The following statement was read out at the Unveiling of a Memorial
to Neil McMonagle in Derry on Sunday 9th November 2003

Friends and Comrades, the leadership of the INLA wish to take this
opportunity to once again pay tribute to Volunteer Neil McMonagle and
to all our other volunteers who died in the struggle for national
liberation and socialism. All our volunteers were of the working
class and for the working class. They fought not for personal greed
or personal advancement but for the liberation of the Irish working
class from both foreign imperialism and native capitalism. Like Neil,
they were heroes one and all. We salute them.

May we also place on the public record and pay homage to, and express
our admiration and respect for, other republican volunteers, no
matter which organisation they came from, who over the past thirty
years also sacrificed their lives in the struggle for the Republic.

They died during the recent armed conflict. Revolutionaries know that
the one thing you can be sure of is change. Life changes, societies
change, and people change. Accordingly, the tactics of
revolutionaries have to adapt to these changes. This leadership knew
that the phase of armed struggle had come to an end for this
generation when the people of Ireland voted for the Good Friday
Agreement. We acted accordingly, called a ceasefire, and began the
long process of readapting to the new situation by increasing the
politicisation of the whole movement. We call on our friends,
supporters, and members to turn the absence of armed struggle to
political activity, to listen to the concerns of the people, to share
their hardships and struggles, and to continue to organise.

Challenging times lay ahead for us all after the current elections
are over. It is not the function of this Army to tell people who to
vote for or even to vote or not vote. People are intelligent and wise
enough to make their own decisions. While we may not like their
decisions, the decisions should be respected. Too often in the past,
the people have been relegated to a sideline role, mere spectators
while others decided their fate. No matter what political settlement
is cobbled together, we can say without fear of contradiction that it
will not solve the fundamental contradictions within the Northern
statelet. Whether we face a new power sharing administration, direct
rule, or joint sovereignty, the twin evils of sectarianism and
poverty will remain. The national question and the class question are
indissolubly linked.

To those who adhere to the beliefs of Connolly, we say this is not
the time for republican socialists to do nothing. There needs to be a
realignment of those who are in opposition to an internal Stormont
settlement, are for working class unity, and oppose the neo-liberal
economic agenda that the last power-sharing executive implemented.
That has to be the major political task of the day.

For ourselves, we wish to reiterate that this Army will remain true
to the fundamental principles of our founder, Seamus Costello, and
will play our part in the building of the Socialist Republic as an
Army of the people and for the people.



At the unveiling of the monument to Neil McMonagle an old comrade of
Neil's spoke and read out a poem for Neil. However after that he then
launched a political attack on the leadership of Sinn Fein and called
for the decommissioning of that leadership. We do not have much
problem with the criticisms. After all the IRSP were among the first
to attack the political direction that the Provos were going down as
far back as 1994. However we believe it was wrong for the individual
to use the occasion of the unveiling of a memorial plaque to a dead
volunteer to attack another organisation. Not only did he embarrass
the family of Neil McMonagle but also his use of language bordered on
personal abuse of Sinn Fein's leadership. We don't think it right to
engage in personal attacks. Political criticism and disagreement does
not have to be weakened by personal abuse. The individual concerned
abused his position last Sunday. He could have drawn the Republican
Socialist movement into unnecessary conflict with the Provisional
Movement. The least we think Liam O'Comain should do is to apologise
to the McMonagle family.


Major Blow for Progressive Republicans

When the Good Friday Agreement was signed the IRSP predicted it would
fail. We also said that given the decision of the vast majority of
the Irish people who voted for the agreement we would do nothing to
hinder the implementation of the GFA. Following the suspension four
times of the Assembly, the postponement of elections on the whim of
the British Prime Minister, and the failure of the Unionists to be
satisfied with three major acts of decommissioning by the Provisional
IRA, we are now coming to the end of that phase of the GFA. After the
elections on November the 26th there will be a review of the GFA and
then negotiations to establish a new administration between
representatives of the two major sectarian blocs. We say sectarian
blocs because that was built into the GFA. In the coming election
those who are elected must designate themselves as nationalist,
unionist, or other. We find this offensive, for as republicans we
never saw ourselves as nationalists; rather, we adhere to the
original internationalism of Wolfe Tone's brand of republicanism.

Furthermore the failure of socialists and republicans to negotiate
some sort of principled platform to oppose the sectarian policies and
reactionary economic polices of the main parties means that there is
no clear opposition to the prevailing political consensus. This is a
major blow for progressive republicans. Accordingly the IRSP are not
standing in this election. The opportunism of some small left
candidates to put themselves forward under different guises should
fool no one. The Socialist Environmental Alliance in Derry is really
a front for the Socialist Workers Party along with a few well-
meaning individuals. The SWP is noted for its opportunism and
divisiveness. The Socialist Party, a small politically sectarian
group, have two candidates and talk about "a real peace process built
from the bottom up by uniting people in the working class
communities." This is the same group that refuses to engage with any
republican group and has a long history of anti-republicanism. They
have nothing to offer to any peace process. They do not represent a
viable alternate never mind a left alternative. All they do is
alienate many from becoming socialists with their frenzied dogmatic
approach to politics.

A leading member of the INLA, Ta Power, said before his assassination
that the people were not fools and could tell who were the chancers
and timewasters. Before the mass of the people one has always to be
open and honest. We will not call for a vote for any candidates in
this election. The people are wise enough to decide who they should
vote for or indeed if there is any point in them casting a vote.
However this should be the last time that republicans and socialists
leave open the election field to our class enemies.

While the IRSP is not yet ready to fight elections, all future
elections should be fought:

1/ on a basis of opposition to an internal Stormont settlement,
2/ working class unity and
3/ opposition to the neo-liberal economic agenda that the last power-
sharing executive implemented.

Immediately after these elections the IRSP will be encouraging debate
and dialogue amongst all those who can agree with any of the above
three points. If we can get agreement with others, fine. If not, then
by the time of the next elections if the IRSP do not throw our hat
into the election ring, then we should shut up shop.

(John Martin)


Boycott Coca Cola!!

Resist the Multinational Empire
The Coca Cola Boycott

Colombian Trade Unions and the World Social Forum called an
international boycott of all Coca Cola products in July this year.
Over recent years eight trade union leaders working at Coca Cola
bottling plants in Colombia and the wife of one them have been
assassinated by paramilitary death squads. Yet despite a US court
accepting that its subsidiaries have a case to answer, Coca Cola
still refuses to cooperate and protect the lives of workers in

We can ensure that Coca Cola listens. Boycotts can and do work
(remember Dunne's and South African products). People all over the
world are resisting the 'multinational empire'.

(E-mail from Daisy Mules)


The Rights of Colombian workers

URGENT ACTION: Drummond unionist in grave danger

The life of Jimmi Rubio, an employee of the Alabama-based Drummond
mining company and a Sintramienergetica union leader, is in grave
danger, as a result of his work to defend the rights of Colombian
workers and to identify the people responsible for serious human
rights violations. The paramilitaries have offered $500,000,000 pesos
(US$178,000) as a reward for his murder. He is in a special
governmental protection program but it has recently been discovered
that information has been leaked and that his assassination is
imminent. His wife and two children are also in danger. The Canadian
and US Embassies have refused to receive the Human Rights officials
from the Fiscalía and the Procuraduría, Claudia Ortiz and Luis
Carlos Toledo, who have all of the information and evidence about the
danger faced by Jimmi Rubio and his family.

Please send letters TODAY to these embassies urging them to meet with
Ms. Ortiz and Mr. Toledo, review the information, and issue a visa to
Jimmi to allow him and his family to leave Colombia immediately.

Canadian Embassy: Fax 011-571-657-9914, Attn: Mr. Pierre

US Embassy in Colombia: 011 (571) 315-2197, 011 (571) 315-4155

Copies to: Fiscalia 011-571-570-2000 x1023, Procuraduria 011-571-
336-0011 x11502/9

Source: International Labour Rights Fund, Washington DC, November
10, 2003


What's On?

European Social Forum Paris, St Denis 12-15 November

European Social Forum, St Denis, Paris
MWAW seminar on the media and imperialist wars
Tickets available for £80 return - book on 0207 053 2072

Saturday 15 November 11am

What Future for the Palestine-Israeli Conflict with Ghada Karmi
French Institute, 17 Queensberry Place, London SW7
Information: email
Tel: 0709 234 8726

Saturday, 15 November 2pm

Socialist History Society Public Meeting
Labour and Immigration: A Brief History
Dr. Don MacRaild
Marx House, Clerkenwell Green (Nr. Farringdon Underground)
CONTACT: David Morgan 020 8446 3037 Mike Squires: 020 8673 8283

Sunday 16 November - Friday 21 November

Stop the War Coalition will hold a series of events to mark George
Bush's state visit to Britain on19, 20 and21 November.


Friday 22nd November the 83rd commemoration to honour Eddie Carmody
will assembly at the Carmody Memorial Hall at 8.30 p.m. and a march
to the Memorial at Rusheen.

A Kerry man, Lt. Eddie Carmody was murdered on 22nd November 1920 and
his body was dragged through the village on a donkey's cart to the
barracks where it was left in the turf shed until collected by his



1) Gearóid Ó Loingsigh's recent book The Integral Strategy of
the Paramilitaries in Colombia's Magdalena Medio can be downloaded
from web site

2) Congressman Wilson Borja tour "Colombia in Conflict: Britain's
Secret War?" (Organised by Justice for Colombia and War on Want)

1.30pm Thursday 20 November Parliamentary Reception hosted by Tony
Lloyd MP, Jubilee Room, House of Parliament (St. Stephen's entrance)
RSVP: or 020 7794 3644

6pm Friday 21st November Mechanics Institute, Princess Street,

5pm Monday 24th November GLASGOW University

12.30pm Wednesday 26th November Justice for Colombia Reception hosted
by Rt. Hon. Rhodri Morgan AM-First Minister of Wales at Conference
Rooms A&B, Assembly Rooms, CARDIFF

7pm Thursday 27th November The Old Market, Upper Market Street, HOVE

10am - 1pm Saturday 29th November TUC Congress House, Council Chamber
(5th floor), Great Russell Street, LONDON WC1 (nearest tube Tottenham
Court Road).

Other speakers: Brendan Barber (TUC General Secretary and Justice for
Colombia President); Isabel Hilton (The Guardian); Jeremy Dear
(National Union of Journalists General Secretary); Dr. Angela Roger
(Association of University Teachers Vice-president). Chair: Mick Rix
(Justice for Colombia Vice-Chair).

Places are limited, so please ensure you book in advance: 020 7794 3644


NI Anti-Poverty Network Invite you to attend our


Followed by seminar/speakers and workshops on


On Friday 28th November 2003 at NICVA, 61Duncairn Gardens, Belfast,
BT15 2GB From 9.30am -­ 1.00pm

AGM followed by guest speakers on privatisation and the introduction
of the Water tax and how this will affect every section of our

On low income, in receipt of benefits, if you are a householder you
will have no relief from Water tax.

Frances Dowds ­ NI Anti-Poverty Network (NIAPN)
Manus Maguire ­ Communities Against the Water Tax (CAWT)
Jim Welsh ­ NI Public Service Alliance (NIPSA)
Alisa Keane ­ Irish Congress of Trade Unions NI (ICTU NI)

To Register Fax back to 028 9087 5011 or e-mail to by
21st November 2003.


Saturday 29 November 12.00-2.00pm

National demonstration to close Campsfield House
National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns
1 Delaunays Road Manchester M8 4QS tel: 0121 554 6947


Saturday 29 November

Kurdish demonstration For Peace and Democracy
Assemble 1.30pm at Lincoln's Inn Fields
March to 10 Downing Street


December 2003 Events

Friday, 5 December and Saturday 6 December
Oxfam, War on Want, World Development Movement

Worldfair's Fair Trade Xmas Market
Conway Hall
Book your selling space at Worldfair's Fair Trade Xmas market before
10 October and get a 10% discount on the price of your stall. Unit 6,
Canonbury Yard 190a, New North Road, London N1
Tel: 020 7354 4231


5-6 December

Working for a peaceful future: Campaigning for peace against a
context of the never-ending "war on terrorism".
5-6 December Venue: Friends House, Euston Road, London.
Info and/or to book a stall contact: Network for Peace - tel: 020 72783267


Friday 5 December 4-8pm
Saturday 6 December 11am-6pm
World Fair at the Conway Hall
Red Lion Square, WC1


Saturday 13 December 1-4pm opposite Downing Street
Public Rally Justice for detainees now!

Afghanistan.Iraq Belmarsh prison in the UK....with speakers and a
petition calling for an end to imprisonment without trial! For
details contact CAMPACC on 020 7586 5892


Saturday 13 to Sunday 14 December

Cairo Conference

Saturday, 13 to Monday 15 December

Major Women-only demonstration and blockade, Menwith Hill


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