Friday 20 February 2004

The Plough Vol 01 No 27

The Plough #27
20 February 2004

E-Mail Newsletter of the Irish Republican Socialist Party

1. Nothing Surprising and Nothing New - The Left Convention
2. Convention of the Left Query
4. The IRSP and Ardoyne
9. Political Prisoner Mick Hegarty
10. What's On?

Apologies for the lateness of The Plough this week - family


Nothing Surprising and Nothing New

The article on the "Convention of the Left" in last week's Plough was
nothing if not timely. It also represented an acknowledgement of what
the likely outcome of the Convention meeting in the VAC in Derry last
Saturday was going to be.

A non-party socialist described the course of the meeting as follows:

1. IRSP delegates, who had turned up in good faith, amounted to over
20% of those present.

2. The SEA platform displayed a willingness to allow speakers to
discourse at great length, unless they happened to be republican, and
more specifically, IRSP.

3. Discussion of the necessity of an anti-imperialist, anti-partition
basis to any class struggle, or indeed campaign, in the North, was
effectively precluded, despite the feeling of the meeting that it
should be dealt with.

4. When it appeared that Republican Socialists were swaying the
meeting, a member of the platform pronounced that they would object
on principle to being a part of a grouping which included the IRSP.

The outcome of the meeting at VAC was, should we have needed it, a
lesson in the primacy of principled politics.

Those who criticise the IRSP for being "part of the problem" might be
better advised to examine the bankruptcy of their own solutions:

A) While these pure Marxists might find the writings of Connolly,
Larkin and Costello too parochial to deserve study; they can hardly
disown the writings of Marx (or indeed Lenin).

B) For Marx, Ireland was a classic example of a colony. The unity of
the working class in such circumstances was almost impossible, as a
large proportion of them were wedded to the imperialist ideal. The
descendants of the colonists saw themselves in the main as a class
apart, because of the privileges, which the British state had
provided for them in return for their support. This contradiction
between these two, artificially created, sections of the Irish
working class could, according to Marx, only be overcome by the
removal of the problem: The British colonial presence in Ireland.

C) Despite the (relative) independence achieved by the 26 counties,
the problem, and solution, has not changed in any meaningful
way. "Northern Ireland" remains a colony, maintained for no other
purpose than to perpetuate the divisions within the working class
outlined by Marx over 150 years ago.

D) These are the facts, and no attempt to avoid them will make them
any less true. However, avoidance has a long history, most famously,
and disastrously, following the Second World War. Both the CPNI, the
small Trotskyite groups, and eventually the NILP sought to build
class politics in the North as part of an internal solution. These
efforts were of course made in good faith, but they were based on the
flawed assumption that if the border issue was skirted around it
would simply go away.

E) It would be pointless to comment on this analysis, other than to
ask where these groups are now, except that this is the same solution
as is now being put forward as a programme by the
putative "Convention of the Left."

That this exercise has developed into a debacle will come as a
surprise to few. However, like all experiences it has had its uses,
in that it has clearly drawn the line between the radical left and
the reformists. This line is National Liberation.

The "mainstream left" (as they would wish to be perceived) in the
North, believe that they can convince loyalist workers to abandon
generations of prejudice by not broaching the subject, which most
concerns them. One has to wonder at the arrogance of those who think
that the working class are stupid, but who seek to lead them in any

Loyalist/unionist workers are part of our class. They also happen to
be wrong. There is no quick fix to this contradiction within our
class. However, honesty about our goals, AND specifically our
republicanism, are necessary prerequisites for our interaction with
them. We have nothing to hide.

Finally, there is no such thing as "normal" politics.

There is only politics that serves the working class, and politics
which do not.

Clearly, and unfortunately, the current "Convention of the Left"
falls into the latter category.



Convention of the Left Query

The following e-mail was sent to the Communist Party of Ireland, The
Green Party, The Socialist Workers Party, and the Socialist
Environmental Alliance.


At the Convention of the Left Conference in Derry on February 14th,
two people, Colm Bryce and Barbara Muldoon both publicly said that
they would not work with the IRSP. Their stance was not condoned nor
condemned by the Chair. Barbara Muldoon had spoken at the conference
representing the Anti Racist Network.

We are seeking clarification. Is their position the official position
of the Socialist Environmental Alliance?

We are also asking the political parties that we know to be involved
in the SEA, i.e. The Socialist Workers Party, The Communist Party of
Ireland and the Green Party, what their own position is in relation
to this question.

We in the IRSP were under the impression that the Convention of the
Left was an open conference. However our comrades encountered
hostility and negativity from some people from one political party.
The reason for this hostility is unclear to us, as these people have
never raised any issues of concern to us as a Party, before the

We went to that conference with an open mind, prepared to argue our
views and listen to what others had to say. We strongly believe in a
united left. We left that conference very disappointed at what had

Yours fraternally,

John Martin
Political Secretary
Irish Republican Socialist Party.



The IRSP have reacted angrily to comments made in a statement by
Alliance Party spokeswoman Eileen Bell, accusing her and her party of
using smoke and mirrors to deflect attention from the urgent need for
an inquiry into Mental Health resources in the North and the decision
process that lead to one of the dead being denied an acute bed in a
local hospital even though he told staff he would take his own life
if refused.

"'Pathetic and unconvincing,' I think was the phrase she used," IRSP
spokesman Terry Harkin said today. "I'll tell you what I find
pathetic and unconvincing, the fact that there are 13 and very
possibly 16 deaths across North Belfast and it takes the most tenuous
of links to an armed group in just two of the cases to make this an
issue of media interest."

"Why is this? There seems to be a certain amount of hand washing,
buck passing and diverting from the real issues going on. There are
13 dead in 6 weeks, that is a fact, the INLA seem to have acted
against two of these following pressure from the local community over
antisocial issues. What about the other 11? Are their deaths not
worthy of note? Do those deaths not point to a serious social problem
in the North of the city? Who was responsible for the decisions to
send young O'Neill home when he was plainly ill and in need of care?
And, when they sent him away was there any after care planed, was
there a care plan, a CPA meeting? What did the toxicology reports on
all 13 say, what was the role-if any-of drink and recreational drugs
in all this? Most importantly, why, when it is a statistical proven
fact and well known in the NHS that suicide is a cluster phenomena
were precautions not being taken and support being offered to the
friends and family of the deceased and just why is it Ms Bell and her
party not asking these questions?"

"These are questions that need answering," Mr Harkin said, "but don't
hold your breath, these are partly funding issues and the Alliance
among others had a chance to provide those funds when they
administered the Whitehall budget for the North through the Assembly.
They had the chance to press the British to implement change in the
as yet un reformed and overtly sectarian paramilitary police force.
Can Ms Bell and her colleges really believe that members of the
public in these communities would go to the armed groups if they had
access to an acceptable policing service? They need to grow up and
live in the real world with the rest of us, a world where a suicidal
young man can be sent home to die because there's no bed and
exasperated communities are forced to turn to armed revolutionaries
instead of the police for protection."

"This whole thing about the INLA is a diversion, smoke and mirrors to
divert attention from appalling lack of services or planning on the
part of the local Health Trust, the neglect into which the NHS has
fallen in the North having been raped for years to pay for tax cuts
for middle England. And then we have the fact that Ms Bell has a
colleague well placed to help with this issue, is the brother of a
certain Lord not only a party member but also a consulting
psychiatrist at the hospital that sent the O'Neill boy home to die?
These and the immediate provisions of funds to set up community
mental health services and provide more acute beds are the real
issues. But sure nobody's worried about that because it was all the
fault of the Irps and every thing else in the garden's, while not
quite rosy, good.

"The only people in this to play a straight hand of all the pro-
agreement parties is Sinn Fein. Fra McCann has worked for years to
expose the underlying trends of suicide in the North and Gerry Kelly
by his comments proved that at least one of the pro-agreement parties
know what needs to be done if Stormont is ever revived. Until that
time maybe Ms Bell and her party could spend their time trying to
press the British for more money for services and the reforms needed
to make policing acceptable to the indigenous population of the


The IRSP and Ardoyne

The IRSP has issued a statement calling on the community sector and
statutory bodies to work together in order to resolve mounting
tensions in the Ardoyne area over the recent deaths of young men
through suicide.

Hitting back at media allegations that the INLA were solely
responsible for Anthony O'Neill & Bernard Cairns taking their own
lives, IRSP spokesman Paul Little said there were many factors, which
contributed to their despair.

"These young men had fallen foul of the community and that is quite
obvious. The job is now to focus on not letting other young men in
similar circumstances slip through the hands of the community
again. We will continue to do work with all sections of the
community during this difficult time and we would like to assure the
community that the IRSP would not be exacerbating the situation in
any way.

"However, we would like to issue an appeal to children and teenagers
in the area. We're asking those who are hell bent on engaging in anti-
social behaviour to please stop. Look at the destruction and hurt you
are bringing on other members of the community. If we had a better
structure and system to deal with this then other agencies would not
have to step in.

"There are many factors which have damaged this community's
infrastructure, not least the policing vacuum. At the moment we have
a discredited PSNI who are supposed to be one of the main statutory
bodies tackling this sort of crime.

"Instead of tackling the scourge of death driving and drugs, which
are being openly sold on our streets, they are arresting these youths
in cars and turning them into informers.

"The immense pressure alone of this is enough for anyone. We cannot
be complacent about this situation and it needs everyone's urgent



The NIPSA civil service strike moved this week from meat inspectors
to the DVLNI (motor tax). The DVLNI workers in central offices will
continue their action until February 27, and the level of support has
so far been in excess of 90%.

Following a meeting of NIPSA's Civil Service Executive, it has been
decided that action shall be extended over the coming weeks with a
large number of offices ear-marked for action on a weekly
basis. Obviously the names of the offices affected cannot be
divulged at present, as this would give management prior
warning. However, all socialists are asked to give support to
NIPSA rallies, which will accompany the walkouts, as and when they



Last Saturday (14 February) a NIPSA member on picket duty in Derry
was deliberately run down by a scab intending to break NIPSA's
overtime ban. Having indicated that he intended to slow down to talk
to the pickets, the scab then deliberately speeded up into the member
concerned causing him severe back injuries. The PSNI officers present
at the scene made no effort to intervene, and indeed when contacted
by the injured member after his release from hospital, expressed
doubt as to whether what had happened amounted to a traffic offence!



As trailed last week in the Plough, the results of NIPSA's General
Council elections were published on Tuesday (February 17). They
represent a massive success for the left coalition "Time for Change."
Of the 14 Time for Change candidates standing, nine were successful,
and with the support of the non-aligned, the grouping can now look
forward to a year in control of the largest union in the north.



The Chair of NIPSA's Watch Committee of activists wrote a long letter
of complaint on Wednesday 18 February to DSD direct-rule minister Ian
Pearson that concluded as follows:

"Basically you wish to quash the rising tide of trade union activism
- an activism borne out of mismanaged government funds - borne out of
opposition and frustration at the treatment of their members by the
bigwigs and fat cats so out of touch with reality they are beginning
to believe their own hype, and who are beginning to believe that
their lies and half-truths will mislead the general public.

"Mr Pearson, you need to remember that WE DO CARE about those most
vulnerable in society. You need to stop your attempts to pull on the
heart strings of the public. Nearly every member of the public will
be related to, or know, a Civil Servant. They will know how badly
paid they are! You need to spend less time attempting to play on the
conscience of the public and the most vulnerable in our society. You
need to stop and look at your own. We, be assured, ARE watching."


Subject: Mick Hegarty ­ ACTION REQUEST
Date: Friday, February 20, 2004

Irish Political Prisoner MICK HEGARTY continues to suffer apallingly
at Portlaoise Prison and would very much welcome your get-well cards
and letters. (ADDRESS BELOW).

Mick Hegarty was admitted to hospital twice recently to have a new
feeding tube inserted into his stomach. Over the past year, Mick
has been forced to feed himself intravenously for eighteen hours a
day, from 8:00 PM at night until 2:00 PM the following day, under
very unsanitary conditions at Portlaoise prison.

Mick's doctors have warned him that he must gain several stone
immediately or he may not survive. Mick continues to lose weight,
and should immediately be released to recover in the healthier
environment of home.

The IFC is making an urgent appeal for your EMAILS AND LETTERS to the
DUBLIN JUSTICE DEPARTMENT on Mick Hegarty's behalf; urging his
immediate compassionate parole to be allowed to recover at home.
Please voice your humanitarian concerns for the suffering and grave
endangerment this man is enduring. Mick is very weak, and
extremely ill, and is hardly an escape risk or a threat to the public.

Please go HERE for sample letter and INSTANT E-MAIL ACCESS to the
Dublin Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform:




Dear Friends,

I have just read and signed the online petition:"Defend the Rights of
Irish Citizen Children" hosted on the web by, the
free online petition service, . I personally agree with
what this petition says, and I think you might agree, too. If you
can spare a moment, please take a look, and consider signing yourself.

Best wishes,
Fergus O' Hare


What's On?


Anti Racist Network

A number of persons have expressed an interest in holding a vigil or
something similar in the Botanic area, this after the recent attacks
on three persons from the Minority ethnic community. It was suggested
that rather than the ARN [umbrella] organise something that the local
branches in South Belfast organise something - that is, the
S/Belfast and Queens Uni branch. This was one of the reasons
discussed as to why local branches should be established, that is, to
work and deal with issues on and at a local level. {Our press
statement on these attacks was carried in the main press and on
radio, so we would get coverage to highlight the points we make in
relation to these attacks}

Update - I was recently asked to speak at a meeting at Queens Uni.
Some students there took the initiative {well done} to set up a
local ARN branch and invited me along to speak. At the meeting they
then formally decided to affiliate to the ARN. This was covered in
the newsletter newpaper who attended the meeting.

The W/Belfast branch held its second meeting with up to 25 persons in
attendance from a whole host of local campaigns and organisations. A
number of proposals came out and full report can be given at next ARN
meeting, again the press attended the launch of the first meeting.
Like the ARN meetings it was agreed to try and host the meetings at
various office venues of the local ARN participants

So the W/Belfast branch has been established as has the South {again
press expressed interest in covering its launch}, with the North this
week or early next, as similar East. Like Queens, others are taking
their own initiatives and I have also been asked to speak at a number
of other meetings to launch other ARN groups inside and outside of
Belfast, this though should be discussed as we will need more
speakers as and when requested as I am up to my eyes {like many of

The sub committee for race awareness week met with a dozen people in
attendance. Organisers from the community arts {we are to hold the
next meeting of this sub committee at their offices in the Arts
Quarter of Belfast}. Amnesty international, project workers on
community initiatives and others were there, at a well represented
meeting. We agreed on a number of Πparticipation activities'
that highlights the positive to be worked on primarily for that week.
A full report will be provided at next weeks meeting.

We are also now to get down to organising the gigs. As Dan has been
anyway for a while {back soon}we now have the relevant info as so
to be able to move forward.

Next ARN meeting is next Wed 25th at 7pm the Chinese welfare
association {133 - 135 university street}. Any issues for agenda

Regards, D. Carlin


The Reform of Water and Sewerage Services - Current and Future
Challenges in Northern Ireland

This seminar is organised by the Coalition Against Water Charges
(Irish Congress of Trade Unions, The Water Service Trade Union Group,
the Northern Ireland Anti-poverty Network and Communities Against the
Water Tax) and hosted by Belfast City Council. The event will be
held on 25 February 2004 from 9.30am to 1.00pm at Belfast City Hall.

The seminar will profile the implications of Water Charges in
Northern Ireland and will:

-provide a forum bringing together individuals and organisations who
are stakeholders in the provision of water and sewerage services;

-provide information on the proposed format of water charges and the
Government's Water Reform Programme for Northern Ireland; and

-anticipate future social, economic and political implications
surrounding water charges.

A wide range of speakers will address the seminar. This event will be
attended by all relevant stakeholders in Northern Ireland society
including policy makers, politicians, trade unions, voluntary and
community groups, and the general public.

For more information contact Alisa Keane on tel: 028 9024 7940 or


From: "redflaremist"

Dublin Grassroots present: "No Borders, No Nations", a street theatre
play in 3 acts.

Thursday March 4th - assemble at 5pm at the Central Bank on Dame

After the popular success of "No Justice, No Peace!", performed
during the EU Justice Ministers summit, activists from the Dublin
Grassroots network are organising a street theatre event,
entitled "No Borders, No Nations". The EU circus is rolling into
Dublin Castle again, this time for a high-level working meeting of
the "Strategic Committee on Immigration, Frontiers, and Asylum"

The consolidation of the EU's immigration policy has led in one
direction: Fortress Europe. This is the policy of a Europe that cares
only about profit and economic expansion, at the detriment of human
life. Ireland in recent months has shown itself no longer to be the
island of "Céad Mile Fáilte," taking whatever steps neccessary,
through the courts, to expel people who do not meet its stringent
guidelines that define 'legality'. No human being is illegal!

The Fortress Europe policy manifests itself in the refusal to grant
asylum to over 90% of the applicants. It means the arrest, harassment
and deportation of men, women and children back to their country of
origin - regardless of the circumstances. It means that people who
travel here trying to build a better life are treated inhumanely.

What have we become? For years Irish people were 'economic migrants',
travelling across the world wherever work could be found. The Irish
State cries foul when the US tightens its laws when it threatens
Irish immigrants working without permits, but when it comes to
allowing people to live and work here, we do not apply the same
standards. Hypocrisy at the highest level - it would be hilarious
if people were not suffering as a result.

The State's recent deportation of 64 Romanians and Moldovans,
including 12 children, ranks as a low point in respect for human
rights and dignity. These people were spied on and followed by the
Immigration Bureau, rounded up in dawn raids reminiscent of a police
state, and escorted on a plane by 35 Gardai. The flight alone is
understood to have cost the State more than ?120,000. Is this what
the Gardai spend their time and resources on? Arresting ordinary
working men and women, and shipping them en masse like cattle?

According to Pat Guerin of the Irish Refugee Council, "The term
Fortress Europe has been for some years used by human rights groups
and other critics to describe the gradual dismantling of the rights
of asylum-seekers, the increasing hostility of EU states to persons
seeking refuge, as reflected in the introduction of draconian asylum
rules and regulations, and the ongoing attempt at closing Europe's
borders to those who wish to apply for protection as refugees.

"The measures that combine to make Europe resemble a fortress include
the effective militarisation of the EU's external frontiers, both on
land and at sea; policies of destitution, detention and deportation;
punitive sanctions for airlines, shipping companies and road hauliers
who fail to police their passengers by applying rigid documentation
standards that ignore the often desperate need of refugees for
clandestine travel; and the setting of ever higher refugee
recognition hurdles on an asylum track of shrinking legal
protections. Such policies do not augur well for the development of a
humane approach to people seeking refuge in what is fast becoming one
of the largest social, economic and political blocs in the world."

We believe in No Borders and No Nations. Everyone should be free to
travel, work, and live wherever they wish on this planet. Allowing
people from different cultures to freely associate will lead to
tolerance and understanding - and create a better world for all of us
to live in.

Borders are raised by those who control us, to create fear and
suspicion between us. Nationalism is an ideology that fosters racism
and hatred - we are all human beings, regardless of our religion,
skin colour, ethnicity, place of origin. We are all different - and
all equal.

Join with us on Thursday March 4th at 5pm, at the Central Bank on
Dame Street, for the street theatre production "No Borders, No
Nations", to deliver a message to the EU that we will not accept
their Fortress Europe.

[From the Irish anarchism discussion list - "Dublin Grassroots" is an
anti-authoritarian grassroots coalition]


Friday March 12th

Protest Against Anti-War Activists Arrests
4pm City Courthouse

Public Meeting: The War, Occupation and Resistance
7.30pm Grosvenor House (Glengall St. next to Europa Hotel) Special
Guest speaker Ex-Labour MP (now RESPECT coalition) George Galloway

Panel includes Eamonn McCann - Journalist - Carmel Gates -
President NIPSA - Jamal Iweida - Belfast Islamic Centre - Anti-Racism
Network speaker to be requested


Saturday March 20th

International Day of Action Against the Occupation of Iraq and
Palestine Rally

2pm Arts College, Belfast

For more information 07742 531 617 - 07748571269



Dear Comrades,

You are all aware of the "EU Constitution" drafted by the so-
called "Assembly of Europe" ­ one more arbitrary and non-elected
body of the European Union. This draft EU Constitution is the most
reactionary and antidemocratic fabrication ever produced by the EU.
In the reality it is another Treaty, but one that puts an official
footing on neoliberalism and imposes it as the official and unique
economic system of the EU member states, and wipes out even the last,
typical, rights of the "small" member states. At the same time, as
far as the democratic rights are concerned, it is more reactionary
than the most reactionary national Constitution, even on the level of

The peoples of Europe did not ask for such a EU Constitution, nor
they want it. Despite the monstrous propaganda in its favor and the
concealment of its real character, this draft does not appeal to the
people's masses. Already in a series of mobilizations, in Rome, Paris
and elsewhere, the progressive and left movements have condemned it.
Even the European Social Forum recently, in its Second Assembly that
took place in Paris at the end of 2003, adopted a resolution
expressing its opposition to this draft, and called for a day of an
all-European mobilization against it. In Greece, a series of left and
progressive organizations have started campaigning against the EU
Constitution. Moreover, the Greek Social Forum, which regroups a
large spectrum of social and political organizations, adopted a
crystal-clear position against the EU Constitution.

At the same time, various forces of the enemy camp are also
expressing their opposition to the draft EU Constitution ­ not, of
course, because they wish to follow a different course, but because
the concrete draft does not serve their interests. The contradictions
between big and smaller member states, and the internal
contradictions within the dominant classes in several member states
as far as the support of the draft EU Constitution is concerned, are
expressed in a quite clear manner.

The above lead us to the reasonable estimation that it is possible,
although not easy at all, to avert the adoption of this reactionary
and antidemocratic EU Constitution. In order to achieve such a goal,
it is necessary that the popular forces will build a broad front all
over Europe, and this independently of the position they adopt on the
EU itself. The left and progressive forces have a valuable role to
play in the creation and the orientation of this broad front, as well
as in exploiting the contradictions expressed within the dominant
classes. This will permit to give, under the best possible
conditions, a battle that is important for the future of our peoples.
It is clear that the conditions are different in each European
country. For example in Greece, the first battle concerns to win the
very holding of a referendum. However, it is equally clear that a
coordinated all-European mobilization and mutual support of the
national campaigns will bring better results. A possible rejection of
the EU Constitution, even in a few member states, will be a great
encouragement for the progressive movements and the peoples of the
whole Europe.

For all the above reasons, the Communist Organization of Greece (KOE)
takes the initiative to convene in the immediate future an All-
European Meeting of Left Parties. We propose its holding in Athens,
from Friday 19 until Sunday 21 March 2004. Our Organization will
arrange the technical preparation and will bear the financial cost of
its realization. The invited Parties and Organizations will have to
bear the traveling cost of their delegations. The board and lodging
of the delegations during the duration of the Meeting will be covered
by our Organization.

We hope that the communist, left and progressive forces to which we
are addressed will positively welcome this initiative of our
Organization. We hope that it will contribute to our practical
collaboration on this important issue. Please inform us until the
20th of February for your initial disposal/possibility to participate
and, if possible, for the composition of your delegation. The
concrete dates and hours of arrival may be communicated later.

KOE - The Bureau of the Leading Committee

Proposal for the Program of the Meeting

We are proposing the following program:

With communist greetings,

[Thursday 18 March -­ morning of Friday 19 March: Arrival of the

19 March

2pm-2.30pm Opening of the Meeting. Short welcome on behalf of
KOE. Adoption of the program.
2.30pm-8.30pm Interventions of the delegations on the issue of
the EU Constitution and the possibilities of a coordinated campaign
against it.
8.30pm-9pm Creation of a committee responsible to write a draft
resolution based on the interventions.
9pm-10pm Dinner.

20 March

9am-9.30am Presentation of the draft resolution(s).
9.30am-11.30am Discussion on the draft resolution(s).
11.30am-2pm Participation in the International Anti-Occupation
2pm-3pm Lunch.
3pm-7pm Submission and discussion of modifications and other
7pm-9pm Elaboration of the final draft on the basis of the whole
9pm-10pm Dinner.

21 March

9am-12pm Adoption of the resolution. Technical arrangements for its
12pm-2pm Lunch. End of the Meeting.

[Evening of 21 March -­ 22 March: Departure of the delegations.]

Please send your reply by fax to +30 210 6430024
or by email to, with copy to

Communist Organization of Greece/Kommounistiki Organosi Elladas/KOE
Isaia Salonon 6, GR-11475 Athens, Greece
Phone: +30 210 6441745, Fax +30 210 6430024,, -


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