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The Plough Vol 02 No 16

The Plough
Volume 2, Number 16
6 December 2004

E-Mail Newsletter of the Irish Republican Socialist Party

1. Prisoners Month
2. Class Unity Will Defeat Privatisation & Water Tax!
3. From the Newspapers
4. Letters
5. What's On



In a Dublin City venue at 8pm, Saturday the 18th of December,
traditionally known as Prisoners Month, the Irish Republican Socialist
Party will be hosting a benefit night to raise funds for republican
socialist prisoners and their dependents. It will feature a sponsored
hair-shaving event with participation from current and ex-prisoners
and IRSP members and supporters. There will be music and ballads by
Beggars Bush and a fundraising draw on the night, prizes to include
Portlaoise hand-crafted mirrors and bodhrans plus a Castlerea Harp,
and an auction of a specially commissioned painting of Michael Collins
by renowned artist, Mr. Eddie Garland.

Admission is 5 euro only and is by ticket only, for more information

For those (particularly our friends and supporters in America, Sweden,
Canada, England, Scotland, and Wales, etc.) who wish to make a
donation or indeed provide sponsorship via account transfer, please
credit Allied Irish Bank, Capel Street Branch, Dublin 7, Account
Number 19186018, Branch Code 931101.

Remember the prisoners and their families this Xmas.



Irish Republican Socialist Party representative John Hogan has
expressed anger at any possible introduction of a Water Tax and has
called on working class communities to avail of continuing public
meetings within the city to voice their opposition to it.

Mr Hogan said, "The constant drip, drip, dripping of information and
news stories churned out in recent months has everyone's head turned
when it comes to the issues involved with water charges. Our party has
attended what hopes to be a series of community public meetings in an
effort to create a confident grass-roots fight back against any
possible job cuts or the introduction of a Water Tax.

"There is sadly a strategy now in motion to frighten people into
accepting that they are in a no-win situation. That is simply music to
the ears of those who are wishing for an easy life as they axe and
privatise public service jobs and introduce further forms of taxes, be
it a water tax or something else by the back door.

"It is up to each and everyone of us be it here in Derry or elsewhere
in the northwest to organise both within each and every community and
workplace organisation. For republican socialists we call for all
those opposed it to directly get involved in developing an organised
united campaign of mass rejection and non-payment which will show the
councils, Stormont, and the Northern Ireland Office where they can
stick their Water Tax."

Mr. Hogan concluded: "The next public meeting will take place on
December 7th at the Ballymagroarty & Hazelbank Community Centre and
everyone is welcome to come along. Can I again remind everyone that it
is up to all of us to make sure that nobody feels left out, abandoned
or isolated. We must ensure that everyone has the full backing and
support of their neighbours, workmates and any local campaign groups.




The US Casualty Rate in Iraq: 9%

The US casualty rate in Iraq is about 9%, according to Editor &

The Pentagon's latest official count, provided on Wednesday, listed
1230 American military killed in Iraq and another 9300 U.S. troops
wounded in action. How seriously? More than 5000 of them were too
badly injured to return to duty. More than 850 troops were reported to
have been wounded in action in Falluja so far.

But this only scratches the surface of the total toll.

Earlier this week, CBS's "60 Minutes" revealed that it had received a
letter from the Pentagon declaring: "More than 15,000 troops with
so-called 'non-battle' injuries and diseases have been evacuated from

These include serious injuries that arise from accidents (vehicular
and otherwise), trauma and severe psychiatric problems. The number is
in line with estimates offered earlier this year by United Press
International, based on arrivals at the main treatment center in
Landstuhl, Germany.

Some of these Landstuhl cases are not serious but according to "60
Minutes" only 20 percent of the evacuees return to their units in

The total number of casualties is about 25,000, plus the more than
1,200 killed. Since about 300,000 men and women have served in Iraq,
it makes for a casualty rate of about 9%. (Emphasis added, Editor &
Publisher, "Press Routinely Undercounts U.S. Casualties in Iraq,"
November 25, 2004

In other words, US soldiers deployed in Iraq have nearly a one-in-ten
chance of getting killed, physically wounded, or psychologically


Indian Soil Used for Counter-insurgency Training!

In a report that appeared in the October 3, 2004 issue of The
Statesman it said:

"Some 120 Km. from the Mizoram capital of Aizal the training school
tucked away somewhere amid thousands of hectares in the vicinity is
probably like no other in the world. The army's Counter Insurgency and
Jungle Warfare School operates. The Six Week training schedule is
rigorous and includes raiding terrorist hideouts, fending for oneself
in unfriendly situations, honing firing skills against unconventional
targets, rescuing hostage and mastering the art of intervention.

The Counter Insurgency and Jungle Warfare School has been training
armed forces and police personnel. Already over 300,000 personnel from
countries that include the USA, Nepal, Iraq, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and
Afghanistan learned to live by the school's motto: fight the guerrilla
like a guerrilla. Brigadier Ponwar says the main objective involves
training in the latest technology to combat terrorism.

With the 9/11 attacks armies around the world have been to reorient
their fighting forces in learning how to fight unconventional wars.

In March this year, US soldiers enrolled for jungle warfare training
– the first joint infantry exercise between the two countries.
This proved a unique opportunity for the Americans because the "USA
does not have a jungle warfare school", says Brigadier Ponwar "And we
also learnt many things from the US troops. Our trainers went to
Israel and other countries and that's how we've come to know about
their expertise", he added.

The Counter Insurgency and Jungle Warfare School is now planning ahead
to meet the challenges of modern day counter-insurgency operations in
both rural and urban areas."

It is very clear from this that the US and Indian forces are more
closely collaborating to crush revolutionary movements in this region.
This training course in not only target against the Maoist and
nationality movements in India, but also the movements like the CPN
(Maoist) in Nepal and other armed struggles in Bangladesh, and Sri
Lanka. The school produces assassins, killers, murderers and the most
ruthless counter-revolutionary forces on the region. The US
involvement in such training amounts to direct military intervention
of foreign forces in our country. But all the parliamentary riff-raff
are silent. The people must vehement oppose the presence of foreign
troops on Indian soil.

(From The Statesman in the UK and an Indian publication, Peoples


An Enemy of the State
By George Galloway
(London Guardian, Friday, December 3, 2004)

When the 17th-century republican Algernon Sidney spoke on Tower Hill
before his beheading on false charges almost exactly 321 years ago, he
observed "the whole matter is reduced to the papers said to have been
found in my closet by the King's officers". In the days after Baghdad
fell to US forces last April, all manner of closets spilled forth
papers - remarkably often to the Telegraph group of newspapers. In
quick succession, their reporters claimed to have found, in a series
of burning buildings, documents linking Saddam Hussein with Osama bin
Laden, tales of French and Russian perfidy, and the papers they used
to smear me as being in the pay of the Iraqi regime.

Like the paperwork on which the case for the war itself was built,
these all turned out to be bunkum, bogus or doctored. A Daily
Telegraph reporter, Philip Smucker, came up with his own documents for
the US Christian Science Monitor, making similar claims. The Mail on
Sunday purchased still more documentation, putting my supposed
"earnings" from Saddam and his family into a £20m-plus
stratosphere. Both were shown to be forgeries. One by one these
assaults by the pro-war media foundered on a large and immovable rock
- none of them was true.

Eighteen months and tens of thousands of Iraqi civilian deaths further
on, the Daily Telegraph has been given a judicial thrashing at the
high court, which will have stung more powerfully than any its public
schoolboy editors endured in their younger days. Well over seven
figures of damages and costs, combined with Mr Justice Eady's damning
judgment, must have made the paper's new owners smart at the damage
done to the Telegraph's reputation by the old regime of Lord Conrad
Black, Barbara Amiel and fox-hunter Charles Moore.

Over several days and dozens of articles, the Telegraph tried
comprehensively to discredit me and the wider anti-war movement. As
Neil Darbyshire, the paper's executive editor, said to explain why the
paper rushed into print: "The Iraq war was at a volatile stage and Mr
Galloway was unceasing in his opposition". And when they couldn't
stand their story up they sought refuge in the coward's defence that
they had never suggested the lurid claims they published had been true
- but merely "neutral reportage" in the public interest. Even a blind
man in a hurry could see that, in the words of Mr Justice Eady, "the
nature, content and tone of their coverage cannot be so described".

But as most British people now believe, the entire case for the war
was based on falsehoods and lies. From the forged papers showing Iraq
buying nuclear materials from Niger to the pulp fiction of the
Campbell-Scarlett dossiers, one of the grossest deceptions in modern
history has been practised upon us.

There is a long tradition in Britain of attempts by governments and
media to use false allegations about foreign cash to discredit those
who refuse to bend to the powers-that-be, from the Zinoviev letters to
the Scargill affair. The Telegraph, a chief cheerleader for the Iraq
war, together with the media empire of another foreign press baron,
Rupert Murdoch, tried to paint me as a treasonous "enemy of the
state", and the anti-war movement as the "enemy within". But the real
enemies of the state are the political leaders, pre-eminently the
prime minister, who deceived the country into a disastrous military
adventure which has devastated a foreign land and disfigured the face
of international affairs. And the real enemies within are the
pusillanimous poodles in parliament and press who allowed, and are
still allowing them, to get away with it.

The Telegraph did me and the anti-war movement an injustice and the
judge held it to account. But the Blair government - which used the
Telegraph's assault to force me out of a Labour party I'd served for
36 years - has committed an incomparably greater injustice. Iraq was
invaded on trumped-up charges. As a result, an estimated 100,000
Iraqis have died; the lives of millions more have been wrecked. This
week we learned the conditions of child health in a land occupied are
now even worse than during the killing years of sanctions. Yet not a
single government minister has fallen. No official has been sacked.
Alastair Campbell has become a highly paid raconteur and talk show
host. John Scarlett, unblushing, has been promoted to head the Secret
Intelligence Service. The guilty men in Whitehall and Westminster
remain unpunished.

Now the stain on my name has been removed, I intend to step up my
efforts, with others both inside and outside parliament, to harry and
hold to account those responsible for the crimes of the Iraq war.

[George Galloway is Respect MP for Glasgow Kelvin and a columnist for
the Scottish Mail on Sunday]




Letter from Iraqi Patriotic Alliance addressed to our brothers all
around the world

The Iraqi resistance is confronting the illegitimate and brutal
Zionist Imperialist occupation of Iraq. Our resistance is legitimate
according to international law and the UN Charter, including the right
to resort to armed means. We are claiming our right to national
self-determination and a real sovereignty

The different resisting groups in Iraq have developed a network
between each other in order to achieve their ultimate goal. This goal
was clearly addressed in their political program released after the
liberation of Fallujah in April this year (2004). The program of the
Iraqi resistance is as follows:

1. End the occupation and liberate the country
2. Transition period of 2 years
3. Iraq united - National government for all
4. Iraqi constitution written by Iraqis themselves
5. Democratic rules
6. Free election and full participation of the different political

To implement the strategy of liberation, the Iraqi resistance is
attacking occupying forces and their institutions and those who serve
them with food, oil and other supplies. On the other hand, the Iraqi
resistance is preventing the occupiers from using Oil as a political

Schools, churches, mosques and other civilian places have never been
the target of the Iraqi resistance. Besides, we have to be very
critical and careful about any kidnapping or killing process of a
foreigner-worker in Iraq. The resistance has no benefit in attacking
people like Margaret Hassan, two Simonas or others. These actions are
meant to discredit the legal resistance of our people. Here, we would
like to share with you some of the heroic achievements of the Iraqi
resistance: The Iraqi resistance was able to cause a high number of
casualties in material and soldiers among the occupying forces.

The resistance fighters were able to liberate 30 cities: creating a
suitable environment for the resistant fighters by forming a
death-zone for the occupying forces and their agents.

The Iraqi resistance has defeated the Spanish imperialism and has
forced 9 out of the occupying/allying countries to leave Iraq. The
Netherlands, Hungary and Poland are leaving Iraq next year.

The Iraqi resistance was able to pull plunder companies out of Iraq,
the so-called contractors, rebuilding companies.

The Iraqi resistance has renewed the spirit of resistance in the whole
world by defeating the US imperialism in Fallujah, Al Samawa, Najaf
and other Iraqi cities.

The heroic resistance in Iraq has isolated UK and US in Iraq,
preventing temporary the go-on of the war on terror against: Syria,
Cuba and North Korea.

The resistance in Iraq is the resistance of the Iraqi people and it is
mainly represented by the major political groups; the Patriotic,
Islamic and the Pan-Arab groups. By this, we want to emphasis on the
fact that our resistance has an anti-imperialistic profile with
Islamic and patriotic elements. Adding on that, the effective
participation of members of the dismantled Iraqi army and the Ba'ath
party. We could expect some objections about the participation of the
Ba'ath party in the resistance. There are more than three million
active Ba'ath party members in Iraq. So, when we mention members of
this party we do not mean only- those who were in the former Iraqi
government. But those who believe in the Ba'ath ideology expressed in
their slogan: Unity, Liberty and Socialism.

The fear of the Islamic character of the Iraqi resistance could be
answered by the fact that after the liberation of Iraq, the Iraqi
resistance will then be the only legitimized representative of the
Iraqi people. A transition period will then give the Iraqi people the
chance to choose their representatives to form a united national
government with full participation of all parties including the
Islamic forces. We have then to accept the choice of the Iraqi people.

As to the Iraqi Patriotic Alliance, we are proud to inform you that
our secretary general in Iraq Mr. Abduljabbar al-Kubaysi was arrested
on 3rd of September in Baghdad. The house he had temporarily stayed in
was surrounded and stormed by about 50 US occupation soldiers
employing helicopters and tanks. Mr. Al-Kubaysi was leading the IPA
since the 90?s against the economic sanctions and the Zionistic and
imperialistic plans of the US in Iraq. During his latest activities
building a united political front of the resistance against the
occupation, he was arrested without any charges. At this moment we
know nothing about his situation. Even his family is unable to contact
hem. We hold the occupying forces responsible for the health and life
of Mr. Al-Kubaysi and all other prisoners in Iraq.

We hope for further coordination between you and us in our shared
struggle against occupation and imperialism.

Long Live the Iraqi Resistance!

In Solidarity,
Nada Al-Rubaiee [on behalf of the Iraqi Patriotic Alliance (IPA)]
Tel: 0031- (0)-645542498


Greetings from Al-Awda New York/Labor for Palestine!

Labor For Palestine (LFP), a new campaign, is launching and needs your
support and involvement! If you are part of a labor union or
progressive social organization, please visit the LFP web site: and fill out the online endorsement
form. Endorsements are crucial to the existence and effectiveness of
this campaign. There is a great deal of important and useful
information available on the LFP Web site.

Let me direct your attention to the "Labor in Palestine" link on the
site, where you will find LFP's first initiative to defend the
Palestine-based Workers Advice Centre (WAC). The WAC, which represents
the rights of Arab workers, has been shut down by the Israeli
authorities and they (WAC) need our solidarity and support!

Please endorse online!


New Hands Off Venezuela website

The Hands Off Venezuela campaign has launched a new, redesigned
website. From now on the site will be updated on an almost daily
basis, covering events related to the Bolivarian revolution. Make sure
to pay a visit and sign the appeal!

Over 30 people attended the picket on Homefinders this week organised
by the South Belfast ARN. Despite the bitter cold the mood of the
protestors was resolute and good-natured. We made it clear that we
were protesting at the refusal by Homefinders to publicly announce an
end to their practice of 'racial vetting'.

People were determined to keep up the pressure and the attendance by
half a dozen QUB students opened the possibility of bringing a student
boycott about if necessary.

The next meeting of the South Belfast ARN will take place next
Wednesday at 8pm in Esquires on Botanic Ave. We urge anybody who
wants to get involved with anti-racism in the South Belfast area to
come along. You will be most welcome. We will discuss Homefinders
and the Anti-Racism/Pro-Diversity gig that the group are organising
for late January. If you know of any bands/artists that wish to take
part, get in touch.

We have finally managed to get our email system from the group up and
running. In the next few days many of you will receive this same
email direct from the SB group - apologies in advance for the
repetition. (It is not possible to tell which list people are signed
on to). If you do not wish to be notified of South Belfast activities
(we will not be offended) please send an email to our email address
with TAKE OFF in the Subject box.


Mark Hewitt, Barbara Muldoon, Mick Scott


Dear Friend,

You are invited to attend the next meeting Cawp organising meeting.
It will be held in the Belfast Unemployed Resource Centre in Donegall
Street on Thursday 9 December 2004. The meeting should begin at

Yours sincerely,
Jonathan Morrison
(on behalf of the Campaign Against Water Privatization)


Press Release: 32 County Sovereignty Movement.

Date: 1/12/04. For Immediate Release. Contact - 07801 729412

32 County Sovereignty Movement Praises Brendan O'Connor's Release.

The 32 County Sovereignty Movement is thankful to hear of the release
earlier today of Republican prisoner Brendan O'Connor from Pomeroy.
Brendan was arrested and detained by British occupation forces and
detained in Maghaberry Jail on an alleged charge of conspiring to
destroy Stewartstown Police station with an explosive device in July

Ever since his arrest the 32 County Sovereignty Movement along with
the Irish Republican Prisoners Welfare Association had expressed our
concern over what we considered to be trumped up charges against him.
Again, as in the case of Martin Brogan, Mark Carroll and Seamus
Doherty (all of whom have likewise been released) the issue at the
heart of the matter is one of 'dodgy evidence' and the likelihood of
tampering and fabrication surrounding supposed DNA finds.

Ever since the Brogan and Carroll case, we along with other supporters
have asked the question "how many others?” We take no pleasure in
finding ourselves right once again and point instead to this as
further confirmation of the continuing corruption inherent within the
Six County State.






Picket 6pm and 8pm Friday 10th December 2004 in Whitehall, opposite
Downing Street

End Human Rights Violations in Colombia

No Military Support for Uribe Regime

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) was approved by the
UN General Assembly in 1948. Yet 56 years later, and despite the
ratification by Colombia of all the International Covenants that
followed the UDHR, the Colombian people continue to suffer gross
violations of their civil and political rights, but also of economic,
social and cultural rights. In the context of war that the country
endures, the state's repressive policies and impunity for right-wing
paramilitary groups fuels further violations. President Uribe has
opted for war and blocked the path to peace.

All principal articles of the UDHR are violated. Here are some

Article 2: everyone is entitled to rights without distinctions --
indigenous peoples such as the U'wa, Wayuu, Kankuamo and the Embera
Katios are being discriminated against on the basis of their ethnicity
and their struggle for autonomy, culture and land.

Article 3: the right to life, liberty and security of person -- is not
being observed, as shown by the assassinations of trade unionists,
social leaders and even students by paramilitary groups, often with
the complicity of the state forces. These rights are further
threatened by the US military intervention programme Plan Colombia.

Article 7: All are equal before the law and entitled to its
protection, under Uribe, the state has blurred the distinction between
armed combatants and the civilian population. The victims of state
sponsored paramilitary violence are unprotected, yet the authors of
blood crimes and harassment of the population go free, especially when
members of the armed forces (army and police) are involved.

Article 9: No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or
exile, detentions have increased to more than fifty thousand. We
highlight the cases of Luz Perly Córdoba, Human Rights Secretary of
the agricultural workers union FENSUAGRO detained on 18th February
2004, and Samuel Morales, President of the Arauca Regional Committee
of the CUT trade union federation and Raquel Castro a teacher were
arrested in an early morning army raid on 5th August 2004 in which
three of their fellow leaders were assassinated.

Article 13 the right to freedom of movement and Article 17 no one
shall be arbitrarily deprived of his property: peasants, African
descendants and indigenous communities are violently driven off their
lands to make way for multinationals like BP. There are 3 million
displaced people.

Article 19: the right to freedom of expression. Social leaders,
lawyers and trade unionists who oppose the government's neo-liberal
policies are treated as military targets. Documents reveal
Operation Dragon, in which military intelligence has targeted the
entire leadership of public sector union SINTRAEMCALI and listed 80
opposition politicians for close surveillance, the normal prelude to

Article 23 the right to work and form a trade union: last year 681
trade unionists received death threats, and 47 were assassinated
between January and August 2004. The trade unionists killed while
protecting the interests of their fellow workers in Coca-Cola bottling
plants shows just how vulnerable is the realisation of this right.

Elections in Colombia are not free. Uribe is now trying to change the
constitution so that he can gain a second 4 year term, with full
backing from Bush and an international media offensive to clean his

British government support for Uribe helps whitewash a regime
responsible for the worst violations in the western hemisphere.
Despite a motion signed by 237 MPs calling for an end to it, Tony
Blair still supplies military aid. Now is the time for decent people
to insist on a change in policy.


We ask you to make a special donation to support our human rights and
campaigning work. Donations payable to Colombia Solidarity Campaign?
and send to: Colombia Solidarity Campaign, PO Box 8446, London N17

Many thanks.

Colombia Solidarity Campaign
PO Box 8446
London N17 6NZ
Tel: 07743 743041



10 December 2004

Women's Rights are Human Rights - summit conference

Women into Politics will mark International Human Rights Day with a
conference on Globalisation and the challenges for Women's
participation and leadership. This conference entitled Women's
Participation and Leadership in Global Processes is a summit following
a series of workshops on globalisation and its impact on women's lives
-- locally and globally. The day is dedicated to Aung San Suu Kyi, the
Burmese pro-democracy leader and Nobel Peace Prize Winner.

The summit will address themes that increasingly define our world and
that pose enormous challenges to women, women's movements and
feminists worldwide. The conference takes place on 10 December 2004
in Grosvenor House, Glengall Street, Belfast, from 9.00am to 4.00pm
and will analyse the diverse forms of globalisation in local,
regional, and global arenas and its impact on communities and on every
woman’s right to participate at all levels of society and will
also explore ways of showing global solidarity.

There are limited places left so please contact Carola Speth on tel:
028 9024 3363 or email: to register.



This year we are going to organize the activities in relation with the
"International Days of Struggle against Isolation" with an
international symposium against isolation in Berlin.


15-18 December 2004, Berlin

15-17 December: Symposium

18 December: International Festival

Alte Feuerwache
Axel-Springer-Str. 40/41
10969 Berlin

Public transport:
U6 Kochstrasse
U2 Spittelmarkt


15 December 2004
Speakers: IRSP, IRPWA, Marion Price (Veteran of the 1981 hunger
Speakers: Addameer (Palestine), IKP (Cadre), Iraqi patriotic alliance,
Cihan Keskek (Turkey, human shield), Azmet Begg (England, father of a
Guantanamo captive)
Speakers: Ahmet Kulaksiz (father of Canan and Zehra who died both by
Death Fast), Niyazi Agirman (his son hanged himself in an F-type cell
and his daughter was killed some weeks ago by the army), Cezmi
Ersöz (writer), a Death Fast veteran, Feleknaz Uca (Deputy of the
European Parliament, PDS), Rüdiger Göbel (editor of the daily
newspaper Junge Welt), Paola Cecchi (Women International League for
Peace and Freedom)

16 December 2004
Speakers: Behatokia (Basque Observatory of Human Rights), Askatasuna,
Ex-prisoner from Basque country, Endavant (Catalonia)
Speakers: Cuba Si, FG BRD-Cuba, representative of Cuban embassy,
Basta Ya, James Cockroft
Speakers: International Platform against Isolation, Naime Kara,
Nazmiye Kaya, Mehmet Göçebe, CAMPACC (England), Bernd Häusler
(Representative for human rights of the bar association in Berlin)

17 December 2004
General plenum:
Speakers-representation: Greece (Greek Social Forum, Lawyer
Rollhäuser), Italy (Assamblea Nazionale Anticapitalista,
Solidarieta Proletaria, Senza Censura) Germany (Spartakisten,
Internationale Solidarität), Palestine (Palestinian community-
Austria) Nepal (Nepalese People's Progressive Forum), Iran, Turkey
(Anatolian federation), Sweden, Denmark (Internationalt Forum,
Opror), Austria (International Solidarity forum) Peru, Chile
(Colectivo Europeo Contra la Impunidad), Marocco (Annahj
Addimocrati), Algeria (PADS) etc.

Information number und email-address:


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