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The Plough Vol 02 No 26

The Plough
Volume 2, Number 26
27 February 2005

E-Mail Newsletter of the Irish Republican Socialist Party

1) "We Will Lead You to the Republic" ???? (historical reprint)
2) Hands Off Venezuela Campaign Tour of the North
3) Freedom for Sandra Bakutz!
4) Anti-Bin Charges March in Cork
5) Zapatero: Constitution Will Abolish National Diplomatic Services
6) Letters
7) What's On



[Speech by Martin McGuiness, then Vice-President of Sinn Féin, on
the issue of abstentionism (Resolution 162), Sinn Féin Ard Fheis,
Dublin, 2 November 1986]

I can give a commitment on behalf of the leadership that we have
absolutely no intention of going to Westminster or Stormont. As
regards to my contributions in the run up to today's debate, I have
steadfastly refused to become involved in a public slanging match with
those who oppose this motion, but issues have been raised by some of
the defenders of abstentionism that need to be confronted and
challenged. They argue that some TDs entering Leinster House will make
it impossible to conduct armed struggle against British rule in the 6
counties. They tell you that it is inevitable certainty that the war
against British rule will be run down. These suggestions deliberately
infer that the present leadership of Sinn Fein and the leadership of
the Irish Republican Army are intent on edging the republican movement
on to a constitutional path. To bolster their arguments, they draw a
comparison between a pre-1970s leadership of the republican movement
which had surrendered before the war began, and the present leadership
of this movement.

Shame - Shame - Shame.

Successful electoral strategy in the 6 counties is testament enough of
that government's inability to overcome the resistance of a new
generation of IRA freedom fighters supported on equal terms by
articulate and committed Sinn Fein freedom fighters. It will be a sad
day for this movement that the record of the present generation of
republican soldiers and Sinn Fein activists needed to be defended on
this platform. Sadly the inference that the removal of abstentionism
would lead to the demise of military opposition to British Rule has
indeed called into question the commitment of the IRA to pursue the
struggle to a successful conclusion.

I reject any such suggestion and I reject the notion that entering
Leinster House would mean an end to Sinn Fein's unapologetic support
for the right of Irish people to oppose in arms the British forces of
occupation. That, my friends, is a principle which a minority in this
hall might doubt but which I believe all our opponents clearly
understand. Our position is clear and it will never, never, never
change. The war against British rule must continue until freedom is

But we are not at war with the government of the 26 Counties - the
reality of this fact must be recognised by us all. And, in accepting
this reality, we must also accept that after 65 years of republican
struggle, republican agitation, republican sacrifice, and republican
rhetoric we have failed to convince a majority in the 26 counties that
the republican movement has any relevance to them. By ignoring reality
we remain alone and isolated on the high altar of abstentionism,
divorced from the people of the 26 counties and easily dealt with by
those who wish to defeat us. Such a situation cannot be allowed to
continue and this leadership is charged with the responsibility to
make our struggle more and more relevant to Irish people.

In a Sunday Tribune article last Sunday we were told that we endanger
the purity of republicanism because we attract quantity rather than
quality. This is a calculated insult to Irish people which ignores a
very important fact the struggle against the British could not have
been carried out as successfully as it has been without an adequate
supply of both quantity and quality.

It is a fact that IRA volunteers, some very young and some with only a
limited knowledge of republicanism have given their lives and liberty
for the struggle. They were committed to Irish freedom and fought and
died in this cause - are they to be regarded as inferior and less
important than those who regard themselves as republican elitists?

We are told, among other things, that we are counter-revolutionaries
and that if we lose this vote we will be discredited. It's sad and
surprising that this could have been said by a republican. The British
government have a different opinion of us, however. They fear this
movement, they fear this leadership. They have every right to fear us
because, in or out of Leinster House, we led the most dangerous and
committed revolutionary force in Ireland for 65 years.

This Ard Fheis and you, the delegates, deserve to know the whole story
of this debate. In fact, what you're witnessing here is not a debate
over one issue, but two - abstentionism and the leadership of the
republican struggle. The two issues should not be confused and those
who are considering leaving along with members of the former
leadership should consider carefully what I am about to say. The
reality is that the former leadership of this movement has never been
able to come to terms with this leadership's criticism of the
disgraceful attitude adopted by them during the disastrous 18 months
ceasefire in the mid-1970s. Instead of accepting the validity of our
case, as others who have remained have done, they chose to withhold
their wholehearted support from the leadership which replaced them.

Some of the former leadership have already gone. They were not
squeezed out, they left us. Some stayed and will stay after this
debate. If those who remain leave this movement today it will not be
just because of the abstentionist vote.

Finally, those opposed to this issue know there isn't going to be any
split in Sinn Fein, they also know that the ranks of the IRA contain a
minority of volunteers who, while opposed to the removal of
abstentionism from Leinster House, have committed themselves to stand
shoulder to shoulder in unity with their comrades. They will not
split, they will not walk away from the armed struggle. They are the
real revolutionaries. If you allow yourself to be led out of this hall
today, the only place you're going - is home. You will be walking away
from the struggle. Don't go my friends. We will lead you to the


By Tomas Gorman

"How many people are you expecting to attend this evening?" Jordi
enquires of me over a cup of coffee in Belfast's An Culturlann and to
be honest, I wasn't sure how to answer his question. Despite a flurry
of promotional activity during the previous week, it was difficult to
predict how many people would break a growing pattern of political
apathy in West Belfast and actually bother to turn up to the event.

To compound my concerns, I had just heard that Sinn Fein had organised
a protest to highlight what they see as a "Crisis of Democracy"
meaning a lot of their activists would miss the film and the debate
that I hoped would follow. I cursed the irony of this eventuality.

As the political pressure was heaping upon them, Provisional Sinn Fein
planned a protest against an attack on the bourgeoisie democratic
system that the "Venezuela Bolivariana" film so clearly illustrates as
corrupt and undemocratic. Alas, I thought, it was an opportunity

At ten to seven, there was only myself, Jordi and another guy who had
volunteered to take some photos and I had secretly resigned myself to
the event's failure. Then as luck would have it, a small group of
people arrived at the theatre looking a little lost and after some
investigating downstairs, I had found a large group of people looking
for the room in which the event was taking place. After directing the
crowd up stairs, I was buoyed to see more and more people arrive until
there was a crowd of around 45 people sitting in the row of the small
arena, a handsome number at an event of this kind.

The promotional activity had paid off it seems. During the week
running up to the event, some kind volunteers and myself had spent a
couple of days plastering up around 200 posters around the working
class areas of West Belfast. A fortune was spent on text messages,
emails were sent to thousands of recipients and every newspaper with
wide coverage of readership had been hit with a torrent of daily press
releases on the event.

When Jordi arrived in Belfast, he didn't really have much time to
'enjoy' the cold weather when he was giving an interview on a Belfast
community radio show as well as an interview to a journalist who
writes for the Andersonstown News (a tabloid sensationalist type local
paper but with a wide readership none the less). Now he had settled
down to give a good sized and well-represented audience an
introduction to the film.

The feelings in the arena were tangible during the emotive scenes in
the film. The audience were noticeably moved by the scenes of the
Venezuelan people showing the power of collective action in the face
of often-brutal repression and the applause at the end indicated how
well the films contents were received.

The potential debate however was somewhat unfulfilled. The large
numbers attending perhaps intimidated some audience members from
enquiring on the subject. Jordi however gave a clear and lengthy
summary of some of the more up to date events in the revolution as
well as elaboration on some of the important points from within the
film and as is generally the case in these matters, further debate
carried on in the pub long after the film ended.

Next stop, Derry and after meeting some of the IRSP comrades at the
Derry premises, Jordi and myself set off for BBC Radio Foyle were
Jordi was afforded a brief interview with the afternoon talk show DJ
Mark Patterson were the night's event was plugged and the revolution
was given a brief summary.

The Derry event was held in Sandinos Bar, which is seen as a 'lefty'
bar as evidenced by the name. Despite a lower turnout than the
Belfast event (some 20-25 people), the film sparked a greater degree
of debate. The audience contained a good representation of the city's
left wing, including the SWP, SEA as well as the IRSP and some
People's Democracy members.

The scenes of state violence used to quell the carcazino riots
mirrored that of the scenes of Derry's Bloody Sunday and this was
picked up by the audience who then drew further parallels between the
Venezuelan Bolivarian process and the Irish class struggle.

The third and last event took place in Strabane. A large border town
some 20 miles from Derry and due to unforeseen difficulties, the event
had to switch venues to the IRSP offices in the town. The audience
was made up of young socialist comrades who despite their young age,
took to the film's message of the collective power of the people.
Some debate took place after the event and I was heartened to see some
of the young comrades avail themselves of some of the literature
provided by Jordi Venezuela.

Jordi made an important point in his address at the Belfast event.
"The Venezuelan Revolution is having a positive effect in Cuba in that
it is giving renewed heart and encouragement after forty plus years of
isolation." During a time when radical politics is on the decline
here in Ireland it has also given me and others like me hope that
there is a still a place and role for a true democracy of the people.

The Venezuelan Revolution of the people's consciousness is today's
reference to all progressive peoples struggles throughout the world
and I hope to use it as such when I debate with others about the
future direction of the Irish struggle. I also hope some of the
others who watched the film during Jordi's short visit do the same.
Just for that reason, Jordi's visit has been extremely useful and I
look forward in working with him and the other comrades at Hands off
Venezuela in the future



Austrian human rights activist Sandra Bakutz was arrested at
Istanbul's Ataturk airport on February 9th whilst entering the country
to observe a trial. As soon as the plane landed police entered the
plane and removed her from the aircraft taking her straight into
police custody.

As a result of an imprisonment order issued by Ankara's No.2 State
Security Court (also known as the Serious Crimes Court) in September
2001, she was transported to Pasakapisi Prison. Although it is still
not clear what specific crime she is being charged with, she has been
imprisoned accused of membership of the illegal DHKP-C organisation.
Already the authorities have said that her alleged involvement in a
protest in Brussels several years ago in opposition to the visit of
the then Turkish Foreign Minister Ismail Cem is evidence against her
even though she did not participate in any such protest.

Sandra has made regular trips to Turkey over the years to observe the
human rights abuses carried out by the state. On a previous visit to
Turkey in 1998 Sandra was detained and threatened by plainclothes
police in Ankara when she went with a delegation to protest against

Sandra went to Turkey on this occasion as part of a European wide
delegation to observe the trial of 64 people that were arrested in an
operation in April last year. The defendants include lawyers,
journalists, musicians, students and workers all of whom were working
for legal institutions at the time of their arrests: all of them were
tortured whilst in custody and are now being held in F-type isolation
prisons. The sole evidence against them consists of floppy disks that
the police claim contains a membership list of the banned DHKP-C. The
police say that they found these disks whilst carrying searches of
houses on April 1st.

One of the documents containing names that the police claim to have
found on one of the discs is dated February 20th, but the man recorded
as its author was arrested by police on February 19th and detained
until the 24th. Under Turkish law, police are obligated to seal
confiscated documents such as these discs and send them to the courts
immediately. However, between the time of their confiscation on April
1st, and the date they were sent to the court, May 3rd, the discs were
not sealed, so providing ample time and opportunity for the documents
to be interfered with.

The files used for the trial consist only of printouts from the discs,
so neither the judges nor the lawyers have had the opportunity to see
the actual discs themselves.

In an added twist last December a man was arrested at Ataturk airport
in Istanbul whilst trying to fly to Berlin to participate in a
conference about prison isolation. He was detained at the airport as
the police claimed his name was on the neverending list even though he
had not been mentioned before in any of the court hearings. Sandra
Bakutz was a participant in that very same conference that also
included former Irish prisoners, representatives of Basque prisoners,
family members of prisoners held at Guantánamo Bay, Palestinians
and other activists from across Europe. Sandra also came to England
last year to make a contribution to the European Social Forum in
London where she spoke against prison isolation and European
anti-terror laws.

Sandra has now found herself on trial in the very same courthouse that
she was intending to observe a trial. Let this silence those that
claim Turkey has improved its human rights record. 118 people have
died in the prisons in the last five years in the struggle against
isolation cells, whilst the EU chose to be complicit in this abuse
Sandra didn't.

Let us not permit Sandra Bakutz to be imprisoned and condemned in
Turkey. Her struggle against human rights violations is a legitimate

Let us not allow this struggle to be criminalised by her arrest by the
Turkish authorities. We call on all people and organisations which
support human rights to make her cause their own and work for her

Please write a protest letter and send it to the following addresses
and write a solidarity message to Sandra in prison:


Austrian General Consulate
Telefax: (+90/212) 262 26 22

President of Turkey:
Mr. Ahmet Necdet Sezer,
06100 Ankara,
Fax: +90 312 468 5026

Prime Minister:
Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan
TC Basbakanlik Bakanligi
Fax: + 90 312 417 0476

Interior Minister:
Mr Abdulkadir Aksu
Ministry of Interior
Içisleri Bakanligi
06644 Ankara, Turkey
Telegram: Interior Minister, Ankara, Turkey
Fax: + 90 312 418 17 95

Justice Minister:
Mr Cemil Cicek
Ministry of Justice
Adalet Bakanligi
06659 Ankara, Turkey
Telegram: Justice Minister, Ankara, Turkey
Fax: + 90 312 418 5667

Foreign Minister:
Mr Abdullah Gül
Office of the Prime Minister,
06573 Ankara, Turkey
Fax: + 90 312 417 04 76

Police Chief:
Mr Gokhan Aydiner
Emniyet Genel Müdürlügü
Dikmen Caddesi No: 89
Dikmen / ANKARA
Fax: + 90 312 231 96 05

Police Chief of Istanbul:
Mr. Celalettin Cerrah
Fax: 00 90 212 636 18 32

Please send any copies of your protests to the following addresses:,

The International Platform Against Isolation will translate messages
into Turkish and pass them on to those to those responsible for the

We will keep you informed about the latest situation of Sandra Bakutz
and of any planned activities in due course.



About 300 people marched on Saturday afternoon in protest at the
ongoing stand-off over the bin tax and the non-collection of domestic
rubbish in Cork City. The noisy and lively march was harassed
throughout by motorcycle cops, who insisted on running normal traffic
though the streets at the same time as the march was in progress. The
march finished in Daunt Square where it was addressed by a Sandra
Condon, an activist with Householders Against Service Charges (HASC)
who was jailed in 2001 for opposing Cork City Councils' policies. A
number of recently elected city-councillors also spoke.

Despite the positive signs in the march, the campaign against the bin
tax in Cork is at an impasse. Cork City Council has been implementing
its policy of 'non-collection' of domestic waste since last year and
the move has seriously weakened the core of non-payers who make up the
opposition to the bin tax in the Cork area. Many people, faced with no
other alternative and unable to find a way around non-collection, have
accepted their fate and paid the tax under protest. Others have found
means of disposal that including the widespread dumping of rubbish
throughout the city at cross roads and available spaces. The situation
in some areas is chronic with a clear danger to public health.
However, Cork City Council have ignored this situation and instead
have allowed a public health problem to develop. More recently it has
collected publicly dumped rubbish and issued a series of litter

Despite the anger and desperation, anarchists are of the view that
HASC has failed to build the campaign and support for non-payment at a
critical time. This is not for want of effort by the numerous
activists in the campaign, but reflects the long-standing inability of
the campaign to breakout of its core membership and build strong local
and democratic groups through the Cork City area. Anarchists have
argued that the only hope of winning against the determined
Thatcherite policies of Cork City Council lay with a strong grassroots
based campaign built around local area activism. But HASC has been
unable to move significantly in this direction. Support has been there
for the campaign in the past and peaked during the protracted dispute
with City Hall in 2000 and 2001 when a large number of HASC activists
were jailed, but despite this it has not translated into a city-wide
and vibrant anti-bin tax movement. As a result the City Council is now
in the driving seat.

At the rally at the end of Saturday's march, the Socialist Party
councillor, Mick Barry, encouraged those who support the campaign to
phone their local Fianna Fail councillors to complain about the state
of the city and ongoing problem with the bin tax. This, in many ways,
reflects the cul de sac that some in the campaign are moving HASC
towards. HASC's strength always lay in the mass non-payment of the
bin-tax that existed throughout Cork, but with this in decline a
section of HASC, and in particular the Socialist Party, are looking
towards building an electoral opposition around the issue with an eye
to the next elections. For their part, anarchists are determined to
maintain the focus on the possibilities for rebuilding mass
non-payment. It is important to note that the City Manager, Gavin,
will not be stopping with the bin tax. Already there is talk of water
charges, and in a more general sense the City Council and its
management structure is committed in the long terms to the neo-liberal
policy of 'pay per use'. From the bin-tax campaign valuable lessons
can be learned. The important next step is to look at these lessons
and not get tied up in City Hall electioneering.

(From WSM Cork)



Spanish Prime Minister Jose Zapatero said this week that the EU
Constitution will begin a process which will lead to national
diplomatic services being abolished. He said, "We will undoubtedly see
European embassies in the world, not ones from each country, with
European diplomats and a European foreign service. We will see Europe
with a single voice in security matters. We will have a single
European voice within NATO. We want more European unity" (RNE, 17

In a speech on Tuesday, Zapatero hailed the text as "the first
transnational, suprastate Constitution".

Commission President, Jose Barroso said this week that "I will not
engage in a campaign against member states because they are
legitimate. But I favour as much as possible an ever-closer union. I
support as much as possible the community method - or if you want to
use a risky word – the federal method. I am in favour of the
federalist method as far as possible" (Independent, 18 February 2005).

Zapatero and Barroso's comments underline the difference between the
way the Constitution is seen in the rest of the EU and the way it is
presented in the UK. While other EU leaders are clear that the
Constitution is a step which will be followed by further integration,
the UK Government continues to claim that "this is the final step" and
that "Europe is changing and coming our way". All the opinion research
work done by Vote No in Britain suggests the public no longer believe
such claims.

For briefings on what the EU Constitution means for foreign policy,
please visit:



Dear comrades and friends

We are forwarding you this urgent appeal for the release of Italian
communist Giuliana Sgrena, who has been kidnapped in Iraq. Please get
your organisation, trade union branch etc to support this appeal as
soon as possible. Contact details are further below and in the

Comradely greetings

Mark Fischer
Communist Party of Great Britain


Partito della Rifondazione Comunista

Circolo "Karl Marx" - U.K. Branch

Dear comrades,

A few days ago Giuliana Sgrena, a journalist for the communist daily
newspaper "Il Manifesto" who has always been opposing war, was
kidnapped in Iraq. From "Il Manifesto"'s website - - you'll be able to access part of her work
against the occupation of Iraq and, more generally, in support of the
liberation struggle of the Arab world. In support of her release we
have written an appeal in many languages to which we invite you
to participate, sending your signatures to the following email
address: (a copy to:

We are certain you will understand the urgency and the necessity of
our initiative.

Warm greetings

For the Foreign/Peace Department of the Communist Refoundation Party,
Gennaro Migliore
Alfio Nicotra


Giuliana Sgrena is an Italian journalist, working for the daily
newspaper Il Manifesto. She was kidnapped in Baghdad on the 4th of
February, in front of the Al-Mustafah mosque, where she had
interviewed a number of families forced by US bombing to fly from
Fallujah. She is still a captive. Florence Aubenas, French journalist
of Liberation, disappeared more than one month ago in similar
circumstances. Giuliana has visited Iraq many times, documenting with
great honesty the dire sufferings of the population, caused first by
the embargo, and later by war and occupation. Over the years, her work
has provided a valuable channel to give a voice to the Iraqi people,
to tell the stories that others would not write about. Her newspaper,
Il Manifesto, has always been actively engaged against the war and

We do not know who has abducted them, or why. We firmly believe,
however, that this act will not help Iraq and the Iraqi people to
regain the sovereignty to which they are entitled, will not shorten
the occupation, will not improve the life of the people. We do know
that voices of freedom, such as that of Giuliana and Florence, are
direly needed.

As movements and associations active all over the world in the
struggle against the war and to put an end to the occupation, we
demand their immediate release.

Partito della Rifondazione Comunista - U.K. Branch

Email: Fax: (0044) 07020 973140 -Tel. 0794


Dear Friends,

the next "Love Music Hate Racism" gig will take place in the Limelight
-Belfast on Sunday, the 6th March. Organised by the music
journalist Charlotte Dryden there will be music from 'the subtitles',
'Tin Pot Operation' and a headline act that can only be announced
closer to the date. In addition DJ's

Charlie & Sarah will be performing. Tickets cost £4.

The LMHR gigs help to create and sustain a culture of anti-racism
and celebrate diversity. Please spread the word, come along and bring
your friends.


(ARN Steering Committee)

PS get in touch if you would like a copy of the poster emailed or
could help with the gig (postering, helping out on the night etc)




Saturday, 5 March

The Irish Latin American Solidarity Centre is holding a picket against
the occupation of Haiti outside the Brazilian Embassy, 41-54 Harcourt
St. on Saturday March 5th, at 1 pm. More information can be found on
the LASC website:



Get your tickets now for this important and exciting event!

Irish Anti-War Movement presents
Against War, Occupation & Empire -A Forum
March 4th, 5th & 6th

Speakers include:
Ahmed Ben Bella (leader of Algerian Independence struggle and former
Denis Halliday (Former Assistant UN Secretary General), Haifa Zangana
(Iraqi writer) & Eamonn Mc Cann (Author & Journalist), Ruari Quinn TD
(Labour Party), John Gormley TD (Green Party). Ali Halimeh (Palestine
- Delegate General in Ireland), Vincent Browne (Broadcaster &
Journalist), Joe Higgins TD (Socialist Party), Kieran Allen (Author &
Sociologist), Catriona Ruane MLA (Bring them Home Campaign), Mick Mc
Gaughan (Irish Times Journalist & Author), Mustafidh Gani ( Islamic
Cultural Centre), Andy Storey (AfrI & Lecturer in Development
Studies.), Richard Boyd Barrett (Irish anti-War Movement), Mary Van
Lieshout (US Citizens in Ireland for Alternatives to War), Saif
Abukeshek (Director, International Solidarity Movement). Jean Somers
(Debt and Development Coalition)

Irish Film Institute, Temple Bar (Friday March 4th)
Royal Dublin Hotel, O' Connell St (March 5th& 6th)

Weekend (excluding Screening) - ?15/10 (conc.).
Day Ticket - ?10/7.50(conc.)

Tickets available from Irish Anti-War Movement, 55 Middle Abbey St,
Dublin (Mon-Fri) or phone 01 8727912 / e-mail

>Programme and Timetable:
>Friday March 4th (Irish Film Institute, Eustace St, Temple Bar)
>Screening: Battle of Algiers
>With Intro from Ahmed Ben Bella
>Sat March 6th (Royal Dublin Hotel)
>Vietnam - How the US was defeated?
>Michael O Brien (Irish Anti-War Movement)
>Shannon, Irish Neutrality & Imperialism
>Joe Higgins TD (Socialist Party), John Gormley, TD (Green Party),
Ruari Quinn TD (Labour Party) Cllr Cillain Forde (Sinn Fein).
>The Future For Palestine
>Ali Halimeh (Palestine Delegate General in Ireland), Raymond Deane
(Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign), Saif Abukeshek (Chairperson,
International Solidarity Movement.)
>End the Occupation of Iraq - No to War on Iran on Syria
>Ahmed Ben Bella (Leader of Independence struggle & former President
of Algeria), Haifa Zangana (Iraqi Writer), Denis Halliday (Former UN
Assistant Secretary General).
>Islam & the West - Is it a Clash of Civilisations?
>Mustafidh Gani ( Islamic Cultural Centre), Kieran Allen (Author &
>Iraq, the UN and the Oil for Food Programme
>Denis Halliday
>8.30 - 10-00.
>Iraq, Palestine, US & Ireland -Literature, Poetry & Resistance
>Haifa Zangana, Dave Lordan (Poet)
>Sunday March 6th (Royal Dublin Hotel)
>What's Happening in the US?
>Brian Kelly (US Historian), Sinead Ni Bhroin (Irish Anti-War

>11.30 -1.00
>Q & A - Ireland between Europe and the US Empire
>Andy Storey (AfrI), Eamonn Mc Cann (Author & Journalist), Michael Mc
>Loughlin (Labour Party), Haifa Zangana. Chaired by Vincent Browne
>(Broadcaster & Journalist).
>Globalisation & the New World Order
>Mick Mc Guaghan (Journalist & Author), Catriona Ruane MLA (Bring Them
>Home Campaign), Rory Hearne (Deputy President -Union of Students in
>Ireland), Jean Somers (Debt and Development Coalition)
>East & West: Democracy, Resistance & Imperialism.
>Ahmed Ben Bella, Haifa Zangana, Richard Boyd Barrett (Chairperson,
>Irish Anti-War Movement), Mary Van Lieshout (US Citizens in Ireland
>for Alternatives to War).

March 4, 2005 Against War Occupation And Empire Forum March 4 5 6
March 7, 2005 Pitstop Ploughshares Put the War on Trial in Dublin,
March 7th 2005
March 19, 2005 International day of action Demonstration Sat
19/03/2005 2pm, Parnell Square Dublin
for more information click on

To contact the webmaster send an email to
or ring +353 0 878289243

Irish Anti-War Movement
Tel (fixed) 353 (0) 1 8727912,
Tel (fixed) 353 (0) 1 8727913
Tel (mobile) 353 (0) 87 6329511
Postal Address
Irish Anti-War Movement
PO Box 9260
Dublin 1


Tuesday, 8 March

Rural Community Network are currently organising our second annual
event for International Women's Day for Tuesday, 8 March. This will
take place in Omagh (venue to be confirmed) and the theme is again
centred on diversity in rural areas. If you wish further info or
would like to participate please contact Marion Weir or Anna Clarke at


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