Tuesday 5 April 2005

The Plough Vol 02 No 31

The Plough
Volume 2, Number 31
5 April 2005

E-Mail Newsletter of the Irish Republican Socialist Party

1) The Pope and Cuba
2) Outcome Will Give Food for Thought to Bosses
3) Attack on Hospital Was an Attack Against All Our Class
4) Shock at Untimely Death of INLA Hunger Striker's Sister
5) Concern at Attack on 32CSM Member in Britain
6) What's On



After Pope John Paul II has finally crossed over the line from life to
death, Fidel Castro's speech at the welcoming ceremony for this Pope's
visit to Cuba in January 1998 might serve as an obituary:

Castro Confidently Welcomes Pope To Cuba
By Fidel Castro

[Below we reprint the speech given by Cuban president Fidel Castro at
the welcoming ceremony for Pope John Paul II, January 21 at the
José Martí International Airport in Havana. The translation is
by the Militant, from the transcript released by the Cuban Council of
State. Footnotes are by the Militant.]

Your Holiness:

The island whose soil you have just kissed is honoured by your
presence. You will not find here those peaceful and good-natured
native inhabitants who populated it when the first Europeans reached
this island. The men were almost all exterminated by exploitation and
slave labor that they were unable to withstand; the women were
converted into objects of pleasure or domestic slaves. There were also
those who died under the blade of homicidal swords, or as victims of
unknown diseases imported by the conquistadors. Some priests left
heartrending testimonies of their protests against such crimes.

Throughout the centuries, more than 1 million Africans, cruelly
uprooted from their distant lands, took the place of the indigenous
slaves who had been wiped out. They made a considerable contribution
to the ethnic composition and origin of the current population of our
country, in which the culture, beliefs, and the blood of all those who
participated in this dramatic history is mixed.

It is estimated that the conquest and colonization of the entire
hemisphere cost the lives of 70 million indigenous people and led to
the enslavement of 12 million Africans. Much blood was spilled and
many injustices were committed, many of which - after centuries of
sacrifice and struggle - still persist under other forms of domination
and exploitation.

Cuba achieved its nationhood under extremely difficult conditions. It
battled alone with unsurpassable heroism for its independence. For
that reason, exactly 100 years ago it suffered a genuine holocaust in
concentration camps, where a considerable part of its population
perished, primarily women, the elderly, and children. This was a crime
committed by the colonialists that, although it has been forgotten in
the conscience of humanity, has not ceased being a monstrous crime.
You, a son of Poland and a witness of Oswiecim, can comprehend it
better than anyone. [1]

Your Holiness, another genocide is being attempted today, so as to
bring to its knees through hunger, disease, and total economic
asphyxiation a people who refuse to submit to the dictates and sway of
the most powerful economic, political, and military power in history,
far more powerful than that of Ancient Rome, which for centuries threw
to the lions those who refused to renounce their faith. Like those
Christians atrociously slandered in order to justify the crimes, we,
who are similarly slandered, would prefer death a thousand times
before renouncing our convictions. Just like the Church, the
revolution too has many martyrs.

Your Holiness, we think like you on many important issues of today's
world, and that is a source of great satisfaction to us. On other
matters, our opinions differ, but we pay respectful homage to the deep
conviction with which you defend your ideas.

In your long pilgrimage throughout the world, you have seen with your
own eyes much injustice, inequality, poverty; fields without crops and
peasants without food and without land; unemployment, hunger, disease,
lives that could have been saved by a few pennies but are lost;
illiteracy, child prostitution, children working from the age of six
or begging in order to live; shanty-towns where hundreds of millions
of people live in inhuman conditions; discrimination for reasons of
race or sex, entire ethnic groups ousted from their lands and
abandoned to chance; xenophobia, contempt for other peoples, cultures
destroyed or being destroyed; underdevelopment, usurious loans,
uncollectible and unpayable debts, unequal terms of trade, monstrous
and unproductive financial speculation; an environment mercilessly
destroyed, at times beyond repair; unscrupulous arms trading for
repugnant commercial ends, wars, violence, massacres; generalized
corruption, drugs, vices, and an alienating consumerism imposed as an
idyllic model on all peoples.

Humanity has grown almost fourfold in this century alone. Billions of
people are suffering hunger and a thirst for justice; the list of the
peoples' economic and social disasters is interminable. I am aware
that many of them are a constant and growing concern of Your Holiness.

I have had personal experiences that have allowed me to appreciate
other aspects of your thinking. I was a student at Catholic schools up
until I went to university. I was taught then that to be a Protestant,
a Jew, a Muslim, a Hindu, a Buddhist, an Animist, or a participant in
other religious beliefs constituted a horrible sin, worthy of severe
and implacable punishment. More than once, in some of those schools
for the wealthy and privileged, among whom I found myself, it occurred
to me to ask why there were no Black children there. I have never been
able to forget the totally unpersuasive responses I received.

Years later, Vatican Council II, convened by Pope John XXIII, took up
some of these delicate questions. We are aware of Your Holiness'
efforts to practice and preach respect toward believers of other
important and influential religions that have spread throughout the
world. Respect for believers and non-believers is a basic principle
that we Cuban revolutionaries have inculcated in our compatriots.
Those principles have been defined and are guaranteed by our
Constitution and our laws. If difficulties have arisen at any time,
the fault has never been with the revolution.

We cherish the hope that, one day, no adolescent in any school in any
region of the world will need to ask why there isn't a single Black,
Indian, Asian or white child in it.

Your Holiness:

I sincerely admire your courageous statements on what happened with
Galileo, the well-known errors of the Inquisition, the bloody episodes
of the Crusades, the crimes committed during the conquest of America,
and on certain scientific discoveries that nowadays go unquestioned
but which, in their time, were the object of so many prejudices and
anathemas. That necessitated the immense authority that you have
acquired in your Church.

What can we offer you in Cuba, Your Holiness? A people with fewer
inequalities, fewer unprotected citizens, fewer children without
schools, fewer sick people without hospitals, more teachers and more
doctors per inhabitant than any other country in the world visited by
Your Holiness; an educated people to whom you can speak with all the
liberty you wish, and with the security that this people possesses
talent, a high political culture, deep convictions, absolute
confidence in its ideas, and all the awareness and respect in the
world to listen to you. There is no country better equipped to
understand your felicitous idea, such as we understand it and so
similar to what we preach, that the equitable distribution of wealth
and solidarity among human beings and peoples must be globalized.

Welcome to Cuba.

[1] Hundreds of thousands of Cuban peasants were removed from the
countryside and forced into camps by the Spanish military under the
command of Gen. Valerian Weyler during Cuba's second war for
independence, 1895-98. Oswiecim (also known by the German name of
Auschwitz), Poland, was the site of one of the most infamous Nazi
concentration camps during World War II.

[Taken from "The Militant" Vol. 62/No. 5 February 9, 1998]



30 March 2005
Irish Republican Socialist Party, Dublin

The Irish Republican Socialist Party in Dublin has welcomed the
outcome of a migrant worker employed by Irish Ferries after it emerged
that she was receiving poverty wages at just over €1 per hour.

A spokesperson for the IRSP in Dublin, John Murtagh, said: "The Irish
Republican Socialist Party fully welcome today's decision to award
Salvacion Orge the level of compensation, a package totalling
€25,000 plus her flight back home. This outcome will at least give
food for thought to the employers involved and to likeminded bosses in
Ireland of which there are many who still aren't prepared to pay a
decent wage for a decent day's work.

"It is also my understanding that co-workers of Ms. Orge deserve
credit for standing by her all the time whilst she battled with her
employers. This is truly the type of solidarity befitting Irish
workers and is renowned the world over, they, too, raised a staggering
€1000 for Ms. Orge who was hired by Temporary Employment Agency to
work as a beautician on the Irish Ferries vessel."

The spokesperson concluded by stating: "It is the view of our party
that similar slave labour agencies continue to operate freely through
out the country who are well and truly knee deep in the procurement of
cheap labour from abroad. It is a known fact that this isn't an
isolated incident. What the IRSP now call for is an in-depth
independent investigation into the world of Temporary Employment
Agencies and their growing use within the Irish labour market."


Irish Republican Socialist Party, Dublin
PO Box 10081, Dublin 1, Ireland
Telephone: 0876 320 323
Email: dublinirsp@hotmail.com



30 March 2005
Irish Republican Socialist Party, Derry

The Irish Republican Socialist Party have hit out against what it
classed as anti-working class elements who attacked and burnt what was
to been the regions first renal service unit at Altnagelvin Hospital.

A spokesperson for the IRSP in Derry, Yvonne Dalton, said: "The Irish
Republican Socialist Party condemn those responsible for last night's
arson attack on the site of Altnagelvin Hospital's renal unit. This is
the same type of senseless anti-working class element that attacks
ambulance and fire crews as they enter our communities to assist and
save lives. This attack on our hospital, on such a vital service, was
an attack against all our class.

"It defies belief why anyone would knowingly attack and burn a
hospital unit which would eventually help save the lives of local
patients needing kidney dialysis throughout the north west region. It
is already common knowledge that people here who are in desperate need
of dialysis have been deprived of such a service locally for years and
have to trek across the country to Omagh for treatment."

The spokesperson concluded by stating: "Having spoken to several
people who travel to and from Omagh on a weekly bases this morning to
express our concerns, people are not only clearly angered but are in
shock at the level of stupidity of such an act. It must be made clear
that this type of anti-working class activity cannot and will not be
accepted by our class."


Irish Republican Socialist Party, Derry
PO Box 1981, Derry, BT48 8GX
Telephone: 02871 262999



31 March 2005
Irish Republican Socialist Party, Derry

The Irish Republican Socialist Party in Derry expressed shock and
sadness at the sudden death of Margaret McCauley, the sister of Irish
National Liberation Army hunger striker Micky Devine, at her home in
the Creggan area of the city.

Paying tribute to Mrs. McCauley a spokesperson for the IRSP, Eamon
O'Donnell, said: "The entire republican socialist community today woke
up to news of this terrible loss. On behalf of the Irish Republican
Socialist Movement I would like to offer our condolences to her
immediate family circle and to her nephew and niece, Micky Og and
Louise Devine, and express our shock and sadness at the untimely death
of Margaret.

"As we enter the 24th year of remembrance to the ten brave INLA and
IRA volunteers who died on hunger strike, it will undoubtedly prove to
be a difficult time for the families of those whose sons and brothers
died during that period of our struggle against British imperialism.
Margaret ensured that the honour and great sacrifice of her brother
and that of his comrades were remembered with pride as she attended
each and every commemoration and event with her own personal dignity.
It will of course bring many emotions and memories flooding back to
her family, to the relatives of those like Margaret who lost so much,
and to the people of Derry. Margaret will be sadly missed by everyone
who knew her."


Irish Republican Socialist Party, Derry
PO Box 1981, Derry, BT48 8GX
Telephone: 02871 262999



The 32 County Sovereignty Movement is extremely concerned at an
attack, which took place last week in Britain. A member of the 32 CSM
was targeted in an attack that was clearly intended at serious injury
or even death. The member in Britain was travelling in his car with
his two children when he noticed a strong smell of petrol. This smell
began to get stronger and stronger until finally he was forced to pull
his car over and check the engine. It was then that the individual,
who wishes to remain nameless following legal advice, noticed the
remnants of a white plastic container and a substantial amount of
petrol spread about the interior of the engine. The container was
lodged between the engine and side panel of the car on top of the fan
belt pulleys.

It is clear that whoever placed this device did so with the intention
of seriously injuring or causing death to the occupants of the
vehicle, which is what would have happened, had the petrol ignited.
The individual reported the incident to the police in the presence of
his solicitor and was promised that the incident was being "looked

This is the latest in a litany of attacks on this person with many
emanating from Loyalist and right wing factions in Britain but this is
by far the most serious in that it has crossed the boundary of general
intimidation and harassment and moved onto a more serious level.
Following previous attacks the British security services have used
them to assure the person that he would be protected if he played
ball. This attack is the culmination of events in recent weeks whereby
members of the Sovereignty Movement across Britain have been
approached by Security Service personnel and put under pressure to
work for them. All approaches have been reported to legal
representatives and the 32 County Sovereignty Movement. We in the 32
County Sovereignty Movement view this as an attack by the British
secret services in an effort to put pressure on the member to either
desist from his duties in the Sovereignty Movement and to put him in a
situation whereby he may be more inclined to put trust in their agents
in return for the protection of his family. Although the type of
device was crude but viable, the method of entry to the engine was
sophisticated in that the bonnet was fully locked and alarmed and the
engine was entirely sealed from below. When the police investigated
the car they admitted that it had not been broken into. This would
lead us to believe that those who planned the attack wanted the victim
to think the attack was perpetrated by someone who held a grudge;
indeed this was suggested by the detectives investigating the case.
The facts are clear this type of attack is not consistent with a mere
grudge and is quite obviously more sinister. The victim of the attack
expressed the opinion that this has all the hallmarks of a black
operation by the faceless people from the British security services.

The 32 County Sovereignty Movement advise all our members to remain
vigilant and to be wary of any approaches from the authorities under
the guise of providing help or protection in the event of such an

Press Release
32 County Sovereignty Movement
Contact: Andy Martin Director of Publicity 07742 439 449 or e-mail




Wednesday, 6 April

Public Meeting - The Fight to Make Poverty History

Speakers: Angela McCormick, Anti-poverty activist, G8 Alternatives
Committee, Scotland; Goretti Horgan, Chairperson of the Northern
Ireland Anti Poverty Network

7.30pm Wednesday April 6th, Room 302 Peter Froggatt Centre, Queens

Poverty is one of the central issues of the age with nearly half the
world's population surviving on less than $2 per day and over one
third living on less than a dollar per day.

In Northern Ireland, one of the poorest areas in Europe, 170,000 (25%
of the population) exist solely on benefits. Wages here are at least
25% less than they are in Britain and over 30% lower than in the US.
Homelessness is increasing and the availability of public housing is
shrinking. The introduction of Water Charges will impoverish many more
people in Northern Ireland when they are introduced. On that basis the
Make Poverty History mobilisation is of crucial importance.

The Public Meeting is intended to raise awareness of the central
issues, how various groups are fighting to alleviate poverty and most
importantly to raise awareness of the mobilisation in Scotland on July

For more information please feel free to call Gordon Hewitt, Campaigns
and Information Officer at the Northern Ireland Anti-Poverty MTG on
07742 531 617 or 0845 120 3771.


Saturday, 9 April

Support Irish Republican POW's in Maghaberry and Portlaoise Prisons!

Protest at the GPO, O'Connell Street, Dublin, Saturday 9th April 2005,
12:45pm till 2pm.


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