Monday 22 August 2005

The Plough Vol 02 No 50

The Plough
Volume 2, Number 50
22 August 2005

E-Mail Newsletter of the Irish Republican Socialist Party

1) Editorial
2) Hunger Strike Commemoration Speech by Martin McMonagle
3) INLA Ceasefire Statement
4) Message from Members of the Families of the Cuban Five
5) Letters
6) What's On



August 22nd is the seventh anniversary of the INLA ceasefire and to
those who have not yet read the ceasefire statement we re-print it
below. It is sobering to consider that since that ceasefire sectarian
violence has increased, not decreased, and all the armed loyalist
groups despite their so-called ceasefires have continued unhindered to
engage in violence. Innocent nationalists are prey to random acts of

Last weekend was a solemn occasion for republican socialists as we
honoured our comrades who died during the 1981 hunger strikes. A large
crowd gathered in Derry to pay tribute to those brave men. Former INLA
prisoner Martin McMonagle, a member of the Ard-Chomhairle of the IRSP,
gave the oration and we include it in this edition of The Plough. In
contrast to that occasion sectarian violence broke out in North
Belfast and Short Strand following the match between two Scottish
teams, Rangers and Celtic. That symbolises the sickness of Northern

In Martin McMonagle's speech he very clearly spelt out the IRSP
position on sectarianism, clearly condemning attacks on the Protestant
Fountain area of Derry.

If more condemnations came from local leaderships on the ground in all
working class areas then perhaps the outbursts of sectarian violence
would diminish. Members of the Republican Socialist Movement in many
areas have reached out to transcend sectarian divisions. We have used
our influence to lessen sectarian tensions and turn working class
youths away from sectarian hatred.

Some socialist purists who theorise about working class unity sit on
their ideological asses and pontificate how equally sectarian
republicans and loyalists are. You will not see them in Ardoyne, Short
Strand, or Ballymena.

The sad reality is that a large percentage of the people who live in
the Northern state want to live "among their own." Benign apartheid is
already in existence. That's why the IRSP oppose the Good Friday
Agreement and oppose the continued existence of the Northern state.
What the INLA said seven years ago, "that the Good Friday Agreement
was not worth the sacrifices of the past 30 years and (we) are still
politically opposed to it," still holds today.



[Delivered by Martin McMonagle]

Friends and Comrades,

I am honoured and humbled to be asked to speak here today at this
commemoration marking the 24th anniversary of the 1981 hunger strike.

Occasions such as today are for us to gather and pay a humble homage
to the valour shown by our comrades who paid the ultimate sacrifice
for their beliefs. We have a duty as republicans who honour all of the
dead hunger strikers, to use today's commemoration to motivate
ourselves for the challenges of today's struggle.

It can never be over emphasised what a difficult period the 1981
hunger strike was for republicans. What at times can seem a world
away, or a dark day that has just come to pass, the world in which we
now find ourselves in hasn't changed that much in the intervening 24
years. The primary cause of the conflict remains, the British rule of
our country.

Our people are still oppressed, divided, and partitioned, and no
amount of spin can alter that fact. When we say 'our people' let us be
totally clear we refer to all the people on the island of Ireland -
Catholic, Protestant, dissenter, and migrant workers. Black
skinned, white skinned, brown skinned, gay or straight, they are all
our people.

Republican prisoners are still being mistreated in Maghaberry as the
British attempt to re-impose their failed policy of criminalisation.
From this platform today we salute the courage and determination of
those prisoners, who are fighting against injustice just as the hunger
strikers showed their resolve to defeat that same policy of

There is a duty on all who honour the men of the '81 hunger strike and
who call themselves republican, especially if they are elected
representatives, to take up the case of the present day republicans in
jail. Let us hear not only about the Colombia Three or the Castlerea

Let us also hear about the case of Dessie O'Hare and all the genuine
republicans in for political offences in Maghaberry. The Republican
Socialist Movement stands shoulder to shoulder with all prisoners. We
do not pick and choose.

The men of 1981 are a shining example to us all. Those were men who
selflessly laid down their lives for their comrades, true
revolutionaries motivated by feelings of true love for their class and
their country. They wanted nothing from the struggle except freedom
for their country and their class, for them there was no material gain
when they were lying with nothing but a dirty blanket in the hellhole
that was Long Kesh.

We in the Republican Socialist Movement salute their courage and
resolve in the face of massive oppression and brutality. They are the
people that our young people should be aspiring to emulate rather than
helping to demoralise their community through the ever increasing
anti-social behaviour. Joyriding, or more appropriately death driving,
as we've seen in Galliagh recently when a five year old child was
seriously injured by the criminal recklessness of these people. We can
tell these people that their communities have had enough and that
their activities are totally unacceptable. We cannot and will not
allow them to further demoralise the working class people.

I would also like to use this occasion to call for an end to all
sectarian attacks. These attacks in Ahoghill and the wider North
Antrim area are nothing more than ethnic cleansing and we call on all
political and community leaders to unequivocally condemn these attacks
and to do all they can to bring them to an end. Yesterday the RUC/PSNI
alluded to disputes between neighbours as the reasons why ordinary
Catholics were being targeted by UDA/UFF thugs. This clearly shows
that the RUC/PSNI are still the sectarian force that they always were
and again demonstrates that they can never be acceptable to

I would equally condemn the sectarian attacks on people and property
in the Fountain Estate here in Derry. There can be no equivocation.

These attacks are wrong and anti-republican in nature. They go against
everything that the hunger strikers fought and died for. There should
be no hiding places within republican communities for sectarian bigots
and we demand that their activities cease immediately.

Let us state clearly that sectarian actions and words are the weapons
of the oppressor. Sectarianism is a tool to divide workers, spreads
hatred and fear, and plays into the hands of all who rob, steal, and
exploit the working class. What better way to keep wages down than by
pitting worker against worker using sectarian hatred. Sectarianism is
the weapon of the bosses. No republican worthy of the name can be

In honouring in particular our three dead hunger strikers, but also
honouring their seven dead IRA comrades, this movement at times like
this needs to reflect on what has been gained and what has been lost.
In the light of that it is clear that radical republicans need to
change tactics to stay relevant. Hence the turn by the Republican
Socialist Movement towards political action on the ground. There is
much to be done. Comrades and volunteers today need to turn to the
class. That's now the battlefield.

And in turning to the working class we maintain the core principles
upon which this movement was formed; the same core political values
laid by Connolly, forwarded by Seamus Costello and many others. We
stand by the same principles that Kevin Lynch, Michael Devine, and
Patsy O'Hara stood for in 1981.

It is our duty today to find ways to present these same principles in
a clear, relevant manner to the Irish people in as many spheres of
society as possible.

We must as a movement survey the tactics available in order to do this
and use those that serve our purposes best. Presently armed struggle
is not a viable means to achieve political goals. Having said, we do
not however see a necessity to disarm the working class. Today, we do
not see the necessity in handing in weapons as bargaining chips in
fruitless political negotiations.

For let us be totally clear the current peace process is going 90
miles an hour down a dead end street. We argued from the outset that
the Good Friday Agreement not only copper-fastened partition, itself a
crime against the Irish working class, but institutionalised
sectarianism. Those who argued about the progressive nature of the
Good Friday Agreement and who say it is a stepping stone to a Republic
could not be more wrong. Ahoghill, North Antrim, The Fountain, North
Belfast, the Lower Shankill - these and many more areas stand
testimony to the sectarian nature of the state. The GFA only
perpetuates, not destroys, sectarianism.

UVF thugs walk the streets with impunity in an arm-in-arm relationship
with the PSNI/RUC. Unionist leaders mutter softly about loyalist
attacks on Catholics and justify these attacks by roaring, shouting,
and blaming a republican march in a nationalist area of Ballymena. And
these are just the tip of the iceberg. In July alone there were over
60 incidents of loyalist murders, intimidation, petrol bombing, pipe
bombing, attacks on Catholic schools, churches, and brutal assaults on
individual nationalists.

Against such a background how can any republican accept that only our
enemies should be armed? We do not accept the monopoly of force being
granted to our enemies - British colonialism and Irish capitalism.
Such actions would mean us accepting a position of blame for the
recent period of armed struggle. The INLA, and for that matter the
different IRAs, were never a cause of the conflict here. The cause of
the conflict here was a direct result of 800 years of British
imperialism here in Ireland. Patsy O'Hara, Michael Devine and Kevin
Lynch as INLA volunteers were not a cause of the strife here. We
refuse to make them so with our actions today.

Our so-called government in the South mocks Irish neutrality by
allowing the USA war machine to use Shannon Airport as a stage post on
the way to crush, not so called "terrorists", but the Iraqi people.
From this platform we express full solidarity with the armed Iraqi

The IRSP and the working class from across Ireland will not be
lectured and moralised at by either the British or US governments,
whose hands drip with the blood of innocent Iraqis. To Britain, to
America, our message is clear: Out of Ireland, Out of Iraq, No War but
the Class War!

In order to move from this period of setback that republicanism is now
in to one of progress we need to identify with the day-to-day
aspirations of our class. While the working class is divided you can
be sure that the supporters of capitalism in Ireland are not. North
and south of the border the dismantling of the public services
continues. Bin charges, water charges, medical charges, etc. etc. etc.
All of the main parties seem to have settled for the neo-liberal
economic model imposed by the World Bank and the International
Monetary Fund. The trade union leadership has settled for a cosy
partnership with the bosses and the government. That is not our way.
We support all manifestations of class resistance against
exploitation. In particular we send our warmest greetings to the
Rossport Five who are jailed by Shell. This multi-national is using
Irish courts to crush resistance to their greed.

We believe that the destruction of the existing sectarian states on
the island and the creation of a socialist society is the only way to
overcome sectarian divisions, end poverty and discrimination, and
awaken the real human potential of all our citizens. Our task in the
Republican Socialist Movement is to radicalise the working class and
for that we need a strong working class revolutionary party. All of
you here today can contribute to that by getting involved in the daily
struggles of our class.

All socialists and republicans who seek a way out of the impasse that
the broad republican tradition is in have a choice before them. Repeat
the mistakes of the past and remain disillusioned or else throw your
weight into the struggle for class and national liberation like Patsy
O'Hara, Kevin Lynch, and Michael Devine. Take the class road with the
IRSP, ditch sterile nationalism, and put your energies and efforts
into the radicalisation of the Irish working class. It is the only
viable alternative for republicans and socialists and it is called

On to the Socialist Republic!



22 August 1998

We have accepted the advice and analysis of the Irish Republican
Socialist Party that the conditions for armed struggle do not exist.
The Irish National Liberation Army has now shifted from the position
of defence and retaliation to the position of complete ceasefire. We
have instructed all our units to desist from offensive action from
noon today. The Irish National Liberation Army is now on ceasefire.

We take this historic opportunity to pay tribute to our fallen
comrades who gave their lives in the struggle. We wish to praise first
the courage, loyalty, and commitment of our volunteers. For nearly 25
years they have been in the forefront of the anti-imperialist struggle
and have upheld the principles of republican socialism. In armed
combat, in prison protest on the blanket, on hunger strikes, in prison
escapes, on picket lines, and in mass demonstrations, they have at all
times upheld the rights of the whole of the Irish people for

To the wider public who through support and solidarity in such
committees as the Relatives Action Committees, the National H-Block
and Armagh Committees, Relatives for Justice, and other solidarity
committees around the world, we thank them for the support they gave
to our prisoners. To those prisoners in jail in Portlaoise, Long Kesh,
and Maghaberry, we offer our heartfelt thanks for their loyalty and
steadfastness throughout the years. Though scorned, slandered, and
derided, marginalised and demonised, they stuck by the principles of
republican socialism. We salute their courage.

We also acknowledge and praise the role played by the families,
friends, and supporters of our members. Through no fault of their own
they have had to suffer much over the years. We applaud them and
fervently wish they never have to endure such suffering again.

In calling this cessation we acknowledge that the political situation
has changed since the formation of the INLA. We recognise that armed
struggle can never be the only option for revolutionaries. In the new
conditions prevailing it is only right to respond. Those conditions
demand a ceasefire.

Although we for our part believe that the Good Friday Agreement was
not worth the sacrifices of the past 30 years and are still
politically opposed to it, the people of the island of Ireland have
spoken clearly as to their wishes. The working classes have born the
brunt of the consequences of the war for the past three decades. They
have also suffered repression, social deprivation, unemployment, and
poverty. We recognise their desire for a cessation of violence
expressed through the referendum and for a peaceful future. The onus
is now on all political parties, governments, and observers to ensure
that the democratic wishes of the Irish people are upheld. This
includes all armed groups. Therefore we have taken this ceasefire
decision to take account of the people's desires.

Now we turn to the consequences of our part in the war. We acknowledge
and admit faults and grievous errors in our prosecution of the war.
Innocent people were killed and injured and at times our actions as a
liberation army fell far short of what they should have been. For this
we as republicans, as socialists, and as revolutionaries do offer a
sincere, heartfelt, and genuine apology. It was never our intention,
desire, or wish to become embroiled in sectarian or internecine
warfare. We accept responsibility for our part in actions that
hindered the struggle. Those actions should never have happened.

We have however nothing to apologise for in taking the war to the
British and their loyalist henchmen. Those who preyed on the blood of
nationalists paid a heavy price. However the will of the Irish people
is clear. It is now time to silence the guns and allow the working
classes the time and opportunity to advance their demands and their
needs. In the new conditions prevailing, we will support the politics
of the IRSP, who have our full confidence and support. In the words of
our founder Seamus Costello when speaking about his class, the Irish
working class, "We are nothing and we shall be everything."



11 August 2005

In the name of the five Cubans unjustly imprisoned in the United
States and their families, we want to share with all our friends in
solidarity with us, the happiness that we feel on receiving the
verdict from the court in Atlanta and the justice it brings after a
long and anguished wait. Our sincere appreciation for all the support
and unconditional backing for the cause. It was only possible with
the constant work of all of you that had a bearing on the spreading
of the truth so that the American people and the world now knows
about violations that were committed against them. The joyfulness
cannot put a brake on our actions, now more than ever we need the
unity and the strength of everybody to make sure that the victory
will become a reality as soon as possible.

With all our respect and gratitude,

Magali Llort, Irma Sehweret, Mirtha Rodriguez, Carmen Nordelo, Rosa
Aurora Freijanes, Olga Salanueva, Adriana Perez, Elizabeth Palmeiro,
Antonio Guerrero (son), Irma Gonzalez (daughter)




Dear Editor,

Relatives for Justice have launched an online petition of support for
the family of Jean Charles de Menezes, shot dead by the London
Metropolitan police. This initiative has come from families who
themselves lost loved ones to Britain's policy of shoot-to-kill who
wish to show their solidarity and support for the de Menezes family.

Please pass this information on to others who may be interested.

Details on

Thank you.




Wednesday, 24 August

Next meeting of Belfast branch of Irish Palestinian Solidarity
Ccampaign, 7.30pm.

If anyone has any items for the agenda will you please let me know

Proposed Agenda

Minutes of last meeting held on 18th July

Matters arising

Reports back from sub groups

· Boycott

· School Twinning

Finance Report
Nat Exec Committee meeting report (AGM 1st Oct) Belfast branch AGM -
date and agenda (work plan for year) AOB

Short report on the National Committee Meeting, Saturday Aug 13th in
Dublin, at 1pm.

Office has now been re-established in central Dublin.

Post of co-ordinator has been advertised - part-time. Money for costs
to be covered by annual membership fees and direct debit monthly
donations from supporters. Out of more than 1000 members only 70
current membership subscriptions.

Wide-ranging discussion on the boycott campaign strategy and tactics.
The need to get a clear statement from Palestinians on this was again
re-iterated. The PNC to be chased about this since the PNA seem
unable to provide this. Document on the cultural boycott to be drawn
up for distribution to festivals etc. Ireland wide work Programme for
coming year on cultural, sporting, and academic and trade boycott to
be drawn up at AGM.

AGM takes place on Oct 1st.

Main national events for the rest of 2005.

· Fundraising Dublin Concert

· IPSC Christmas Card - new design being looked at

· A full page ad in the Irish Times to be sponsored by prominent
people in Ireland? -decision deferred - National Ploughing
Championships in Mogeely, Cork,

Sept 28th-30th - stall
· Fleadh Ceoil na hEireann - Letterkenny 26th Aug - stall

Affiliations, particularly with Trades Unions, and prominent
individuals to be pursued as mandated by the last AGM.

Branch being set up in Derry. One already established in Fermanagh,
which is working with the Sligo branch.


Thursday, August 25

Damien Dempsey does a fundraiser for the West Against Racism Network

A rare once off exceptional and sensational night of ceol & craic with
Damien Dempsey plus Fergus, Brian, Meabh, Conor, Terry, Decy &

Roddy McCorley Club, Moyard House, Glen Road, 8.30pm, doors open

Tickets Only £10.00 - tickets going fast!

Contact Flair Campbell 90 292013 or for


Friday-Sunday, 26-28 August

Seventeenth Desmond Greaves Summer School 2005

A weekend of political thought and discussion from Friday to Sunday,
26-28 August 2005, at the Irish Labour History Society premises,
Beggars Bush, Haddington Rd., Dublin 4.

Friday August 26th at 7.30pm: The Prospects for the Left in Ireland

Eugene McCartan, General Secretary, Communist Party of Ireland

Chair: Robert Ballagh

Saturday August 27th at 2.30 pm: Desmond Greaves as an historian

Mary Cullen and Brian Hanley will evaluate Desmond Greaves's
historical writings and his contribution as an historian

Mary Cullen is an historian and research associate at St Patrick's
College Maynooth, and TCD

Dr.Brian Hanley is a Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Modern
History, NUI, Maynooth, and author of The IRA 1926-36 and other books

Chair: Kevin McCorry

Sunday August 28th at 11.00 am: The Politics of the Peace Process

Owen Bennett will examine the current position of the Northern peace
process and the views of its supporters and critics, and will
consider its relevance for the future of Irish Republicanism

Chair: Finian Mc Grath TD.

Sunday August 28th at 2.30 pm: A forum on C. Desmond Greaves -
personal reminiscences by some who knew him

Gerard Curran, who has been a member of the Connolly Association
since 1952 and is former Literary Editor of the Irish Democrat,
London, which Greaves edited from 1948 to 1988;

Helga MacLiam, Dublin, with whose family Greaves used often stay
when visiting Ireland;

Bernard Morgan, long-time member of the Connolly Association,
Liverpool, Greaves's native city;

Sean Redmond, Dublin trade union official and general secretary of
the Connolly Association in the 1960s;

Chair: Anthony Coughlan, Desmond Greaves's Literary Executor

Full School E15; Individual sessions E5; Unwaged half-price;
Enquiries to Frank Keoghan, School Director, at 25 Shanowen Crescent,
Dublin 9; Tel.: 00-353-1-8423076

How to get there: Buses 5,7,7a or 8 from O'Connell Bridge, Dublin,
alighting at the first stop in Northumberland Road, Ballsbridge.
Haddington Road is first on the left, parallel to the canal.

C. DESMOND GREAVES (1913-1988)

C. Desmond Greaves, whose work and writings inspired the foundation
of this annual Summer School, was one of Ireland's leading labour
historians. He was author of The Life and Times of James Connolly,
Liam Mellows and the Irish Revolution, Sean O'Casey: Politics and
Art, Wolfe Tone and the Irish Nation, History of the Irish Transport
and General Workers Union: the Formative Years, The Irish Crisis, and
two books of verse, Four Letter Verses and the Mountbatten Award, and
Elephants Against Rome.

Desmond Greaves held that the peaceful way to end the partition of
Ireland was to secure maximum equality between Protestants and
Catholics in the Six Counties, thereby removing any rational basis
for unionism as an ideology that justified domination over Catholics,
and opening a way for northern Protestants to rediscover in time the
political implications of the common Irishness they share with their
Catholic and non-Protestant fellow countrymen and women.

As an activist in the Connolly Association, London, and editor from
1948 to 1988 of its monthly newspaper, The Irish Democrat, he
pioneered the idea of a campaign for civil rights as the way to
shatter unionist political domination, which was taken up by the
1960s northern Civil Rights Movement. He held that it was essential
for Ireland to win allies internationally for any moves to end
partition and that organised British public opinion, especially as
embodied in the British labour and trade union movement, which the
Irish community in Britain could significantly influence, was the
most important such potential ally.

He believed that in the era of the EU and the near-global domination
of transnational capital, the most important political task for
democrats and the labour movement was to join in an international
movement in defence of the nation state as the fundamental locus of
political democracy, and the only mechanism which history has evolved
for imposing social controls on private capital.


Thursday, 25 August and Friday 26 August

Coiste na nIarchimí
Scoil Samhraidh/Summer School

Ti Chulainn Cultural Centre
Co Armagh

25/26 August 2005

Irish Republicanism: can it be militant without being militaristic?

Thursday 25 August

7.00 p.m. Official opening of the summer school by Pat McGinn,
Mayor of Newry and Mourne Council

7.30 p.m. Martin Ferris Sinn Féin TD, Chair: Mike Ritchie

Friday 26 August

10.30 a.m. Mary Lou McDonnell Sinn Féin MEP, Tommy McKearney former
IRA prisoner, Gerry Kelly Sinn Féin MLA, Chair: Laurence McKeown

1.00 p.m. Lunch

1.30 p.m. Historical walk and talk

3.00 p.m. Agnes Maillot lecturer at Dublin City University, Denis
O'Hearn lecturer at Queen's University, Mike Ritchie Director of
Coiste na nIarchimí, John Gray curator of the Linen Hall Library,
Margaret Ward political historian, Chair: Rosie McCorley

A chairde,

I am delighted to invite you once again to south Armagh to the third
summer school organised by Coiste na nIarchimí. The summer school
offers you, the participants, an opportunity to reflect on, discuss
and debate topical issues and explore the opportunities and obstacles
to building a nation rooted in respect for diversity and committed to
justice and peace.

The theme of the summer school, Irish Republicanism: can it be
militant without being militaristic? is very much a live topic at the
moment, viewed much differently depending upon your political outlook.
As an organisation working proactively on behalf of former republican
prisoners, their families and displaced people, you could say we have
been 'militant' in our refusal to accept the status quo and the
discriminatory barriers that currently impact upon the constituency we
represent and deny them full citizenship. In that sense we are
carrying on the tradition from the prisons where republicans displayed
their militancy, as opposed to their militarism, in a host of ways -
the burning of Long Kesh, the blanket protest, the hunger
strikes, the escapes, the education programmes, the handicrafts, the
lobbying, the legal cases. This was not militancy for its sake alone
but to challenge oppressive regimes, strive for intellectual and
physical freedom and to create a better way to live with one another.

Our challenge today is to continue that work at a societal level in an
equally militant, but not militaristic, manner.

I look forward to seeing you in Mullaghbawn.

Mike Ritchie
Director Coiste na n-Iarchimi.

Coiste na n-Iarchimi is the umbrella organisation of the republican
ex-prisoner network throughout Ireland. Since its establishment in
1998 it has played a key role in highlighting and lobbying against the
social, economic, legal and societal barriers faced by political
ex-prisoners and their families.

Coiste na n-Iarchimi has gained a reputation for developing radical
and challenging projects which foster greater interaction between
republican ex-prisoners and all other sectors of Irish society. This
summer school is organised under one such project entitled
'Processes of Nation Building'.


Saturday, 17 September

The Irish Republican Socialist Party will be hosting a fundraiser on
the 17th of September 8.30pm in the Ardee Public House (off Cork
Street) Dublin. Admission is 5 euro and will be strictly ticket only.
There will be a benefit draw on the night concisting of a selection of
prison craft with proceeds going to Republican Socialist POWs. For
more details contact


Camp Havana Glencolmcille

From Friday 16th to Sunday 18th September 2005 over 100 men, women and
children from every corner of this island - and indeed from much
further away - will gather in Glencolmcille / Donegal. They will
come in busses, by car, bicycle or on foot.

They will erect CAMP HAVANA and walk to the top of Slieve League.
Some will take the challenging hike across the whole ridge,
accompanied by a trained mountain guide. Some will use a more relaxed
walking route and some will only go as far as the bus can take them.
All of them will enjoy Europe's highest sea - cliffs which are
surrounded by scenery incomparable to anywhere else on this earth.
Of course we are not just gathering to admire spectacular scenery. We
will get together in what is going to be the biggest show of
friendship with people from another island, Cuba, ever to happen on
these shores.

We are making this effort mainly because five young men are serving
lengthy prison sentences in the USA, guilty of nothing but the attempt
to stop terrorism; murderous and destructive acts which have killed
over 3,500 civilians in Cuba - more than the troubles in Northern

These men went to Miami to try and stop the people who orchestrate
this terrorism and ended up in US prisons. They have spent months in
isolation cells; their wives, kids and relations have been denied

The Miami 5 are victims of one of the most brutal human rights
violations in recent history, victims of breaches of both
international and US law.

We want freedom for these innocent men!

With our sponsored mountain walk and the large meeting / concert on
the evening of Saturday September 17th we will achieve;
- Massive publicity and increased awareness about the case.
- Pressure on political representatives (TDs, MPs, MEPs) to act
as opposed to talk.
- Raising of much needed financial support for the campaign and for
another urgent aid project in Cuba
- Pushing forward the world-wide campaign to free the Miami 5
and strengthen the links between campaigners from various countries
(At this very early stage we already know that there will be people
from England, the USA, Austria, Germany and Denmark coming to show
their support).

We can and we will free the Miami 5!
Nobody in this world is going to do it for us!
Lend us your support!
Join Camp Havana Glencolmcille 2005!
Get in touch with us now!

On behalf of the organisers of Camp Havana
Yours fraternally
Hermann Glaser-Baur

Phone us at: 028 77742655 (from Republic of Ireland: 04877742655)



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