Sunday 30 July 2006

The Plough Vol 03 No 29

The Plough
Vol. 3- No 29
Sunday July 30th 2006

E-mail newsletter of the
Irish Republican Socialist Party

1) Editorial

2) Statement on white line vigil

3) Still Protesting In Middle Age

4) The Myth of Irish Wealth

5) 'The oppressor demands loyalty'

6) Facts about the occupation of Iraq

7) In support of Republican prisoners in Maghaberry

8) From the newspapers
a. Stop the war in Lebanon and Gaza!
9) Letters
a. Gibney, O’Rawe and the missing evidence

KEVIN LYNCH COMMEMORATION SUNDAY August 6thrd at 2.00pm Dungiven County Derry.
All comrades to attend.

The state of Israel backed by its USA/UK allies has declared war on the people of Lebanon. The USA supplies the bombs, the British facilitate their delivery and the Israeli state uses them to massacre men women and children. The pretext for the invasion of Lebanon, the capture of two Israeli soldiers by Hezbollah, has long been forgotten and it is now clear that Israel is acting on behalf of Imperialism to re-configurate the Middle East to conform to USA interests. The armed aggression against both the Lebanon and Palestine people is a war crime. The IRSP unequivocally supports the rights of both Hamas and Hezbollah to resist the Israeli onslaught by whatever means are at their disposal. For no one should be under any illusions. The events unfolding in the Middle East are part of the offensive waged by Imperialism against progressive forces worldwide.
Israel simply could not exist without the billions of US-dollars in military and financial aid it receives annually from its masters. Israel has been the world’s largest recipient of U.S foreign aid for thirty years. For the 2005 fiscal year alone, it received $357 million in economic support, $2.2 billion in military support and $50 million in assistance for migration and settlement. In addition, to help Israel out of its economic slump, the U.S. provided $9 billion in loan guarantees until 2008. . (Source Global Newswire 15 July 2006

This is not a war on terror. The USA is losing control in South America where there is a notable swing to the left. Struggles in Nepal and the Philippines are weakening the allies of Imperialism. Both in Afghanistan and Iraq the USA and their British allies are finding themselves under increasing attack.

We call on all republican socialists to support all protests against USA /British aggression and we openly advocate victory to the anti imperialist forces fighting against Imperialism without in any way endorsing their social or economic policies.

Statement on white line vigil
Daly/McNamee Irish Republican Socialist Party Cumann have called a white line vigil to honour the sacrifices of 1981 hunger striker and INLA Volunteer Kevin Lynch. The vigil will commence at 5 pm sharp outside the IRSP national headquarters at 392 Falls Road on Tuesday 1st of August.

It is paramount we do not forgot the sacrifices our comrades made twenty-five years ago to be recognised not as criminals but as political prisoners. The only genuine way to honour our hunger strikers is to struggle for the political status our comrades are deprived of today.

Republican prisoners were no less criminals in 1981 than today, political offenses should treated by the British Government as such as long as Irish men and women are prepared to fight against capitalism and imperialism. The IRSP call without reserve and without compromise for the reinstatement of the political status signed away with the Good Friday Agreement.

Daly / Mc Namee Cumann
Irish Republican Socialist Party


It was a rainy Saturday afternoon, and there I was, standing on a white-line picket on the Falls Road. I never though, even in my wildest dreams, as a teenager, that I would still be protesting about prison conditions as I entered middle age. As I stood on the Falls Road last Saturday, I could not help but think back to those dark days of 1980/1.
I remember the protests, white-line pickets and picketing the local British Army/R.U.C. barracks. I remember walking to and from meetings with other youths from our area, we walked as there were no private taxis then, plus, like most teenagers, we were always short of money, but if my memory is correct, we didn’t mind walking as we chatted away about the H-Blocks. During the Hunger Strike in 1980, we had to put up with the dark nights and drizzle that soaked us to the bone, but this didn’t seem to annoy us either. I remember the enthusiasm we had; we really believed we were making an impact on the people in our area. It seemed we up to something every day.
After the 1980 Strike ended and we believed the prisoners won, we were delighted for them and relived that none of them died. But as time passed I realised all was not well. As the talk started about another Hunger Strike I remember feeling that we will not be able to get the support that we had on the first Strike, I actually felt that the prisoners had let us down in some way. At the rally at the Busy Bee to mark the start of the second Strike, I noticed the crowed was smaller. Had people been “burned out” protesting, did they think the prisoners were bluffing? I didn’t know. Starting the white-line pickets on the Shaw’s and Andersonstown Roads again I noticed there were fewer of us and we were not getting the same response from the public. I think even our enthusiasm was waning. Some of our pickets at the barracks we so small, less than ten of us, I thought we would never get things back to what they were during the first Hunger Strike. All that changed with Bobby Sands being elected as an M.P.
Overnight everything had changed, moral was up no end, we had a spring in our step again. The prisoners were going to win and now that one of them was an M.P. none of them would die. Of course our beliefs were brought back to earth with a massive bang when Bobby died. Even then I thought that that was it, Britain will see that in the eyes of the world, the prisoners are not criminals and give them the 5 demands. No, I was wrong again. Frankie, Ray and Pasty were to die over the next few weeks. April and June came and went, we were still protesting away, but we now knew that the prisoners were determined to see it through to their deaths. There was no room for doubt, we were protesting to save prisoners lives.

Our protests were no longer full enthusiasm, just a gritty determination to do what we could for the prisoners. As Joe and Martin died it seemed things could not get worse, we kept up our pickets, Kevin and Kieran died. At this stage I think we were all just overtaken by the sadness of it all. As Tom and Mickey died we wondered where it was all going to end. Ten prisoners dead. The Hunger Strike ended. I believe by now we were just relieved that it was all over. No matter what Britain said, these prisoners had proved for once and for all that they were not criminals.
Now 25 years later we remember them up and down the country. Even on T.V. there are shows marking the Hunger Strike in a way that was unthought-of back in 81 when the whole of the media were against the prisoners. Prisoners who were involved in the prison protest and people who led it outside the prison were being interviewed. I am not sure if this is progress but it is where we are today.

So as I stood on the protest on Saturday at the ripe old age of 43 my thoughts returned to those days of my youth spent protesting for the prisoners. Little did I think then that I would spend my 20th birthday in prison, or be in the Blocks myself, or even end up in prison a second time?

But I am sure the last thing on my mind was that at 43 I would still be on the Falls Road protesting for prisoners. And that those who were leading the protests outside the prisons in 80/81 would not be out with me in 2006. Then again to my youthful mind back then, I never thought that they would end up in Stormont. But no matter what else was going through my mind in my teens, it would have been impossible to convince me that the people, who we followed in 80/81, would be the ones responsible for signing away the demands that the ten Hunger Strikers died for. The protest brought back many memories for me. I looked for the youths, who protested in 80/81 from the Upper Andersonstown area, middle aged now like me, and I saw none of them.

Has the grind of daily life dulled their enthusiasm, maybe they believe in the Good Friday (Dis) Agreement? Or worse still, they now no longer care. I hope it will not take another Hunger Strike to get people to care. But as we begin protesting again I believe we lack enthusiasm, but there is a gritty determination to let the people know that there are prisoners being denied the rights that the 10 Hunger Strikers died for.

And that when Provisional Sinn Fein signed the G.F.A. they were the ones who signed away those rights. If this is progress, let P.S.F. keep it, I can do without this type of progress. I would rather stand in the rain on the Falls Road protesting for prisoner’s rights, than belong to a party that signed away those rights to get into Stormont and to placate a British Government that allowed ten prisoners die.

So it looks like I will begin middle age life the way I spent my youth, protesting against prison conditions. Some might not see this as progress, but given the choice between protesting on the Falls Road and “progressing” into Stormont, you will find me on the Falls Road protesting.

(Gerard Foster)


According to various news bulletins on the evening of Monday 10th July 2006 ‘Irish people are the second richest in the world’. If the media is to be believed only the Japanese are richer than the Irish. However on closer examination this claim does not hold water. Firstly who are the Irish people? Are they the 30,000 Irish millionaires who exist in Ireland? if the answer is yes then it may be true to say that Ireland has more millionaires per capita than almost every other country! However, this hardly constitutes the Irish (26 county) people does it? that is unless the other, upwards of 4,000,000 people majority working class are ignored. Then they tell us that this wealth is based on the property boom and economists warn against a lowering of property prices. Is this a way of keeping property prices artificially high? so high that most people can’t afford to keep up and those that can or, more to the point think they can, do not actually own the house they are pleased to call there own, the mortgage company or bank do. This nation of property owners, that is unless the nation consists of the mighty aforementioned 30,000, is a myth. With property prices running at a vastly inflated rate these same economists, via the ever reliable media, tell us that inflation in Ireland is among the lowest in the European Union. Of course these calculations do not add up, inflated property prices and low inflation? What next? It might be an advantage to tell the population what barometer these inflation statistics are calculated by because if, as suspected they are worked out on wages alone then a false figure will be arrived at. Wages in Ireland, according to a recent trade union report are, in real terms among the lowest in Europe. If this is the case then how can ’the Irish people’ be the second richest in the world? unless of course wage earners are omitted from these statistics.

If this economic claptrap bears any truth, we in Ireland should have goods and services second to none, which we most definitely do not. There should be no need for street collections to raise money for hospitals, or people selling scratch cards to raise funds for asthma and other serious illnesses. Imagine we are part of a country which boasts the ’second richest people in the world’ and we have the second worst health service in the European Union. The fact is it is the way this bullshit comes across which fools most people. The media tell their viewers, listeners and readers a diet of severely rationed truths like a pie with no filling. On the outside it looks very appetizing until the unsuspecting dinner tries to find the filling and, guess what, there is none.

I wonder if these people who are making these fictitious claims about ’Irish people being the second richest in the world’ have actually done a survey among the population as a whole, that is those who for five minutes every four or five years at election times, are classified as the Irish people when they are required to vote. I am sure if they did they would come up with a very different set of figures. If, for example the whole population was surveyed, and the question was along the lines of “ do you feel as though you are part of a people who are ranked as the second richest in the world” what do you think the answer would be? Yes, no, or don’t talk rubbish I can’t even get a hospital bed when I am sick. On the other hand, if we accept just for a minute this diatribe of rubbish where is the population’s share of this phantom wealth?

Recently the free state government announced a windfall of 900 billion euro above expectations from tax revenue. Sounds great but if this is the case, once again, why are our goods and services so poor and real wages so low? Why are so many people living on the streets or in the case of the lucky ones temporary accommodation? Remember these are, according to statistics, the ’second richest people in the world’; the mind boggles at such tomfoolery.

So if the property market collapses, and by this they mean the prices coming down to a figure where people can genuinely afford to purchase and own (as opposed to the mortgage company being the lawful owners) their own property our erstwhile economists would refer to such a scenario as a slump and would start immediately scare mongering about an impending recession.

The moral to this short story is no matter what they tell you always question, no matter what you read always question and no matter what you hear always question, because in this liberal democracy they will only tell you the bits that serve their own class interests.

(Kevin Morley)

'The oppressor demands loyalty'

Bernadette McAliskey, socialist, republican, community activist, spoke at Marxism 2006 event in London. Here is an edited version.

The 30 years of armed struggle and mass resistance against British rule in Ireland began with the struggle for civil rights. The struggle was about fighting against second class citizenship.

For people today it is perhaps incredible that Britain, which is terrorising Iraq and Afghanistan in the name of democracy, did not have equality in voting as late as 1968. In order to be able to vote in Northern Ireland you had to be a property owner. So landlords owned not just property but the democratic process as well. Northern Ireland was constructed on massive discrimination. Discrimination is not just about blatant prejudice; it has a rationale that argues that people are disloyal. It was assumed that Catholics were disloyal.

We are seeing this process repeated. Under the war on terror it is assumed that Muslims are disloyal. Because someone is Muslim we are told they cannot really be truly British. To prove that you are not disloyal you have to overtly express support for the most right wing activities of the state. Only then can you be considered truly a proper citizen. This was the position Catholics had reached by the 1960s. The Unionists opposed the post-war reforms, such as the welfare state. They showed foresight in doing this. The poor got healthier and educated.

At first the Nationalist community had an element of gratitude about the reforms. It is similar with immigration. People coming into Britain are expected to have a perception that they they owe this country something. People are encouraged to come here so their labour can be exploited, but they are supposed to feel grateful.

In Ireland some people had a certain gratitude but they hit the glass ceiling. The next generation came along and argued that it was our right to have a decent standard of living and democracy. he reformists had exhausted all the peaceful means of change. There was nowhere to go but the streets. All movements seem to start with a reformist saying, "Come to the streets and follow me." They think the street is an extension of the places where they hold authority.

They don't realise that when you are on the street a qualitative change takes place. You have space away from the physical constraints that remind you of your place in society. People look around and think that on the streets we are all equal.

Next, the police arrive. The police are great levellers. The reformists say to the police officer, "We are law abiding..." They never get to finish the sentence. The reformists then spend all their time trying to get us off the streets.

When the police charge at you, whether you're Irish or miners or whoever, two things happen. The reformists get scared and the young people, in particular, get radicalised.

We were looking for very small things. We had no one to vote for, but we wanted the right to vote, to jobs and for somewhere to live.

The state used violence. The mass movement became reactive to what the state was doing. They threw stones at us we threw stones back. The state repressed the rights of the people.

The police have killed a man getting on a tube. They have kicked in the door of two Muslim brothers and shot one of them - for nothing.

British police have been doing that and worse in Ireland for 30 years. They will do it here if we do not stop them. This is a consequence of a system that does not allow Muslims to be "really" British.

People are slowly being asked to pick their side. To be British you have to be uncritical of the government because the government is fighting terror. That is the important lesson of what happened in Ireland. There is a new left, but there is still some life in the old left.
(Bernadette McAliskey)

Facts about the occupation of Iraq
• British firms have made at least $1.1 billion profit out of the occupation of Iraq alone
• US Vice President Dick Cheney’s Halliburton alone has been awarded contracts in Iraq worth $20 billion
• $8.8 billion of Iraqi and $1 billion of Afghani aid money has not been audited properly and has gone “missing”
• A quarter of all “reconstruction” aid has been spent servicing the occupation
( Global Newswire 11 July 2006)

In support of Republican prisoners in Maghaberry

On Friday, July 14, 2006 Republican POWs both in Maghaberry and Portlaoise held a 24-hour fast in protest against the regime in Maghaberry and the attempts to criminalise Republican prisoners by enforcing sub-standard conditions on the segregated landings.
Republican POWs in Maghaberry have been engaged in a prison protest since June 19, 2006 and there are now over thirty POW's
on the protest.

They are fighting to improve conditions for segregated prisoners in Maghaberry who are in effect being punished for exercising their right to segregation from non-political prisoners. They are demanding that their five demands be addressed.


POWs in Portlaoise have been acting in solidarity with their comrades in Maghaberry during the prison protest and 19 POWs in Portlaoise took part in the fast.



In his column in the Irish News, dated the 11th May, Jim Gibney gave his version of events during the Hunger Strike of 1981. He used the same column to rubbish Richard O’Rawes version of events leading up to Joe Mc Donnells death. Some of his points are very valid. Like Bik Mc Farlane saying there was no conversation. And that no other prisoners on the wing “heard the conversation”, or that “For 24 years he was in regularly in the company of ex-prisoners. He never mentioned the rejected “set of proposals” to anyone”. He also made a number of other points, but I believe the prisoners on the wing with Bik and Richard are the most important. If what Gibney says about the other prisoners is true, then O’Rawe is obviously lying.
O’Rawe wrote, in response to these claims, in the Irish News on the 15th May making a number of claims of his own. As for Gibney’s claims about the other prisoners, O’Rawe said, “At no point have I sought to enlist my cellmate’s public support for my position… but now that Jim Gibney has brought my cellmate into this, I strenuously challenge him to provide the evidence that my cellmate heard no conversation. I am confident he won’t or can’t.
As all of this was written nearly two months ago, and I have been waiting on Jim Gibney to produce the evidence from O’Rawes cellmate, or any other prisoner come to that, to prove O’Rawe wrong, I am beginning to wonder why he has not done so. It could lead to the belief that maybe there is some truth to O’Rawe claims. Gibney should not let this challenge, to produce evidence, go on much longer.
As all of this has taken place in public in the Irish News, I thought that pages of the Irish News would be the best place for the evidence to be produced. Surely I am not the only one waiting for O’Rawe to be rubbished?
Gerard Foster

From the newspapers
Statement of the Israeli Communist Forum (20.7.2006)

Stop the war in Lebanon and Gaza !
The Israeli communist forum strongly condemns the barbaric attacks of the Israeli army in Lebanon and in Gaza Strip. In those attacks many innocent people, including women and many children, have been killed. A lot of houses have been demolished, as well as airports, various roads, bridges, electric power stations etc'. As a result of this destruction hundreds of thousands of people are in dangerous situation and lack basic products, including food and water.
The refusal of Ehud Olmert's Government to conduct any negotiation with the Palestinian elected leadership, including on exchange of prisoners, was main cause for recent escalation in the region. Olmert's government is continuing the old principle of past Israeli governments - which failed during all history - according to it "with our neighbours we shall 'speak' only with force, and what we can’t achieve with force, we shall achieve by using more force". This policy inflicts not only great losses to the Palestinian and Lebanese Peoples, but also to Israeli citizens and to its economy. The northern part of Israel is nearly paralyzed.
From the history of the conflict in our region we know that neither mass killings, bombardments and destruction of huge areas nor liquidations of military or political leaders in any degree can’t achieve for the long run the aim of their perpetrators.
The pretext of the Israeli government for initiating the new war was that its aim is to recover an Israeli soldier who was captured by the Palestinians, and later to release the two soldiers which were captured by Khizballa near the Lebanese border, (the declared aim of Khizballa was to use the Israeli soldiers in order to exchange them with Lebanese prisoners in Israel, and it was also kind of solidarity with the Palestinian struggle and with the Palestinian prisoners.) If the real aim of the Israeli government indeed was to release the captive soldiers, it could have been achieved through negotiations, as it happened in several occasions in the past, including in recent years. But it was just excuse for realizing military aggression which was prepared long time ago.

There is a dangerous attempt to drag Syria and additional countries in the region into the new war. The implementation of these schemes is enabled at this stage by the total support of USA. USA automatically supports all the barbaric acts of aggression conducted by the Israeli army. USA is trying, through the Israeli army, to score some achievements in the region, which will mitigate its recurrent failures in Iraq, which weakens its status in the region. It is very regretful that the international opposition to the Israeli aggression was very weak in the beginning of the war, but in last days its started growing in various parts of the world. The current policy of Olmert's government is disastrous for both the Israeli People and the other Peoples in the region.

We call to enhance the struggle against this policy, and for maximum unification of the forces, Jews and Arabs, which are persistently opposing the war and occupation as well as the racism inside the state of Israel. We congratulate the first acts of protest, which took place in last days and call for their continuation and increase. We call to all peace loving forces in the world to raise their voice against the barbaric war of the Israeli government and to express active solidarity with the Palestinian People, the Lebanese People and the persistent peace forces in Israel.

What’s On

Remember Des Warren

Out of the pickets jailed at Shrewsbury, following the national building workers strike of 1972, Des Warren served the longest sentence. His trial on conspiracy charges was part of the attempt by the Tory government of the day to destroy basic trade union rights.

It is now 30 years since Des was released from his three-year prison sentence. Des suffered permanent injury to his health from drugs administered in jail, and this ultimately led to his death in April 2004.

3pm, Saturday 5 August 2006
at the Casa, Hope Street, Liverpool Contact details: 0151 709 9948 For further information see:

Please find attached info on Annual Royal Hospital/Féile lecture -this year's lecture is 'Good health- Where there's a will there's a way! A unique look at ethnicity, health and healthcare by Dr. Rafik Gardee Director Nataional Resource CEntre for Ethnic
Minority Health Scotland. Will be looking at issues and concerns relating to the needs of the multi-ethnic communities in our multi-cultural society, including keeping pace with rapidly changing political agendas and the diversity agenda.

It’s on Tues 8 Aug at 5pm in St. Mary's College. Falls Road Belfast

Details of the funeral of Ted Grant –Marxist Internationalist.
Here are the details of Ted's funeral arrangements
It will take place at the South Essex (Corbett's Tey) crematorium in Ockenden road, Upminster RM14 2UY on Tuesday 8th August at 1.15pm. It can be reached by public transport from Upminster Station (Tube/Overground)b y getting the 370 bus going to
Gray's or Corbett's Tey.

A memorial meeting will take place on Sat afternoon. 9th Sept at the friends meeting place, Euston London - more details later.

Steve Jones

The Chicago Hunger Strike Commemoration Committee are holding a 25th
Anniversary Dinner on the 12th of August, 2006 in memory of those who
died on hunger strike in 1981.

We will be producing a unique commemorative journal for this event and
would like to offer you the opportunity to have your business or club
featured. We are expecting over 100 attendees, including several
prominent Irish-Americans, and we will feature two special guest speakers,
plus an arts & crafts raffle.

All ads will be black and white. Ad rates are as follows:

8” x 10” Inside Front/Back Cover - $200
8” x 10” Full Page Ad - $100
5” x 8” Half Page - $50
3” x 5” Quarter Page - $25

The Deadline for ads is August 1st, 2006.

Any Group or Organisation can place an ad by following the directions
in this e-mail, The monies raised go to the prisoners dependants so
please make a very important contribution.

Forms are available at and if you need any
assistance you can contact us at (708) 655-2078 or (312) 560-9311, or by

Go raibh maith agat,

Colm Mistéil
CHSCC Chairman

Coiste na nIarchimí Summer School/Scoil Samhraidh 2006
Tí Chulainn Cultural, and Heritage Centre, Mullaghbawn, Co Armagh
16-18 August 2006

Admission to the full school, including accommodation and all meals (breakfast, lunch, and 3-course evening meal) - £40.00/€60

Admission to one day, including accommodation and all meals - £20/€30

Admission to one day, including lunch and evening meal - £10/€15

Limited spaces available:
book now on 028/048 90200770

Wednesday 16 2.00 p.m. The future we give our children
Duncan Morrow
- Community Relations Council
Linda Moore
- NI Human Rights Commission
Bunmi Salako
- Louth African Women’s Support Group
Bobby Gilmore
- Migrant Rights Centre Ireland
James Doorley
- National Youth Council of Ireland

8.30 p.m. Keynote speaker Mary Lou McDonald MEP

Thursday 17 10.00 a.m. Children of the '60s - Raising a radical voice
Former civil rights activists
Fergus O'Hare
Mina Wardle
Inez McCormack

2.00 p.m. Children of the conflict - a generation imprisoned
Séanna Walsh
former republican prisoner
Martina Anderson
former republican prisoner
Billy McQuiston
former loyalist prisoner
Robert Niblock
former loyalist prisoner

Friday 18 10.00 a.m. A new generation - following tradition or breaking new ground?
Toireasa Ní Fhearaiosa
- Sinn Féin councillor, Kerry
Philip McGuigan
- Sinn Féin MLA, North Antrim
Elisha McLaughlin
- Sinn Féin councillor, Derry City
Matt Carthy
- Sinn Féin councillor, Carrickmacross

Continuing with our celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the Spanish
Civil War we are pleased to offer a reproduction of the Spanish
Republican flag with the International Brigades logo. The flags are 3
feet x 5 feet costing £10 each + postage and can be located on our home
page.We also have copies of the 'Connolly Column' a book by an Irish
International Brigadier, Michael O'Riordan who recently died. RRP £14.99
our price £12.99 + postage
Both items available on our website:
don't forget you can also purchase our International Brigades badge and


Catalan Solidarity: Ireland Committee

Catalan Solidarity: Ireland Committee was established to provide practical support and solidarity to Catalan political prisoners, their supporters as well as information on the continuing struggle for self determination and socialism in Catalonia to challenge the media portrayal on political militants that are being fuelled by a regime, its media, its paramilitary forces, and mounting repressive laws and legislations.

In order to assist these goals we have established an online news and information service to comment on the current political situation within Catalonia, from within the prisons and on the streets.

As part of our work we aim to provide information events, pickets and solidarity protests etc to highlight various campaigns and activities and to raise awareness of the political situation in Catalonia.

We urge both Catalans living in Ireland and other non-Catalans across Ireland to write to Catalan Political Prisoners, offering them both continued solidarity and support.

We intend to issue regular news, comments & activities via email by Llibertat! ˆ Saoirse!

At present our website is under construction however, we hope that our work will inspire you to find out more! SUBSCRIPTION DETAILS

Llibertat! ˆ Saoirse!

E-news service of the Catalan Solidarity: Ireland Committee
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The Republican Socialist Youth Movement have re-launched their website.

It can be viewed at

An Glór / The Voice

News sheet of Belfast Republican Socialist Youth Movement

January 2007

Circulation: 400

- Brit police never acceptable

- Maghaberry Prison protest continues

- Assets Recovery Agency, a question of money

- Support the Turkish death fast

- Ard Fheis rejects any move towards INLA decommissioning

- Volunteer Davy McNutt RIP

The Republican Socialist Youth Movement have produced a short video on the situation concerning Shannon airport and its continued use by American troops and the CIA. The video can be viewed at

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