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The Plough Vol 04 No 14

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Vol. 4- No 14
Monday 28th May 2007

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Irish Republican Socialist Party

1) Republicans United?

2) Media lies. 1

3) Media lies 2

4) Hunger strike speech in Derry

5) RYSM Hunger Strike Speech

6) Anti Drugs Rally in the Short Strand

7) Labour news

8) Letters

9) What’s On

Republicans United?

Early this month a meeting took place in Derry of various republican organisations
The meeting which was well attended went well and was conducted in a fraternal and open manner. indeed, The main speakers were Gerry Ruddy from the IRSP, Marion Price from the 32CSM, and former SF director of elections Tony Catney as well as the Chairman of the Ex POW's and Concerned Republicans against RUC/PSNI Danny McBrearty. The meeting was chaired by former MLA and founder member of the provisional IRA, John Kelly. Also on the platform but not a speaker was former IRSP spokesperson Kevin McQuillan.
Gerry Ruddy from the IRSP made the following points,

“We are very clear that republicanism has suffered a defeat. The war is over and those who have, any lingering thoughts on re-commencing with a view to victory are deluded. Class struggle is the only option. Those who ignore the class question and stand alone on their “republican principles” stand condemned to remain in splendid isolation. We now live in different times and the old certainties now no longer hold. We all on the left need to forget our petty differences and become relevant to the lives of the working classes in Ireland while keeping alive our vision of socialism.
The IRSP has always said that the class and national question cannot be separated. Of course we do want to build bridges with other republicans and have positive proposals to put forward to build bridges. We, in the spirit of the broad front policy first advocated by our founder Seamus Costello, will work with progressive forces on working class issues. That and that alone is the way forward for progressives from the labour, socialist and republican traditions
No republican or socialist can afford to ignore the growing unrest in the industrial field. Workers are increasingly frustrated by the rise in the cost of living, the huge cost in home buying the lack of affordable social housing and the low wages and exploitation of the increasing migrant population in all of Ireland. Republicans cannot stand back from this struggle. We need to win leadership of working class struggles and that requires hard class work. Neither the Party nor any other section of the movement can afford to have passengers drifting along until there is a crisis say every12th July or we march up the Falls Road.
By our work we can reach out to others who will be impressed by both our work and our analysis of political situation. We need to reach out now not just to other republicans but to new generations of young people becoming interested in politics for the first time.
Our key positions are as follows:

1) We do want to build bridges with other republicans and make a proposal re Wolfe Tone commemoration.

2) We will work with progressive forces from where-ever on working class issues that help to raise the class-consciousness of the class.

3) The republican struggle since 1969 has suffered a defeat.

4) The war is over and the conditions do not exist for re-starting the war.

5) In the new conditions the only way forward is the political road.

6) The RSM say that class struggle is the only option and all republican socialists must throw themselves into working class struggles.

7) Negative campaigning against what ever is counterproductive.

8) Republicanism needs to renew itself if it is to be relevant in the 21st century.

9) The RSM say that without class struggle being central to the republican perspective then republicanism itself will become irrelevant

10) We reach out the hand of friendship and comradeship out to others but clearly set our way forward”

He then proposed the following motion which met with widespread approval.

“That this year a Wolfe Tone Commemoration be held at Bodenstown under the title “Republicans United” and that the IRSP, 32SC and Concerned Republicans agree to host the event.

Each organisation is entitled to a speaker for five minutes each, and an organising committee composed of equal representatives from each organisation take responsibility for organising the event (route, Chair colour party, bands speaking equipment, speakers, publicity and marshalling.)

Each group agrees to make no negative comments about other republicans in their speech but concentrates on the legacy of Tone and the future of republicanism

An open invitation be extended to other republican organisations to affiliate to “Republicans United” and take up speaking rights as designated above.

That this be considered a one off event with a follow up meeting to take place after the event to review assess and make recommendations to each affiliated organisation.

All decisions be on the basis of consensus.


In the course of the subsequent discussions from the floor, Ruddy emphasised the class struggle, made clear that the IRSP was not an abstentionist party, that the IRSP were not interested in launching any new mark two provo front, launched a fierce attack on Irish nationalism as a tool for control of the national struggle by bourgeois and petty bourgeoise elements in cahoots with the leadership of the Roman Catholic Church. He also outlined the IRSP position on anti social behaviour, saying that they were not there to police working class youth. Ruddy re-iterated the internationalism inherent in republicanism and in correcting other speakers from the floor pointed out that the IRSP position on the use of force was tactical.
Danny McBrearty spoke about the Ex POW's and Concerned Republicans against
RUC/PSNI and how they were set up and what they were about.
Marion Price also spoke and reiterated the 32CSM ‘ position as outlined in their document, Brendan Hughes spoke by telephone and deplored what was happening at Stormont. Tony Catney then spoke about various important issues most notably Republican Unity.
While all were encouraged by the meeting no one should have any illusions that unity is just around the corner. It is not . While the main task of work for the IRSP is to build the party we are prepared to work on a short term basis with other forces, hence the proposal to have a united Wolfe Tone march. Tone was the founding father of Irish Republicanism and it is a bit of a mockery to see different factions of Republicans all marching on their own as if they and they alone have the way the truth and the light about republicanism. Let us see if this small step works and then evaluate and see how best to develop from this small step.


Media lies. 1

On Sunday May 20th the British newspaper the Observer carried a story by Henry McDonald on foot of the Derry conference in which McDonald made a number of absurd statements basically saying that the INLA , the CIRA and the RIRA had come together in unity and were announcing a ceasefire. As there are very clear differences between all these organisations and the INLA is already on ceasefire it is clear that the McDonald article was clearly designed to stop the small political movement made by the Derry conference by linking it with armed groups and maybe turning off those who see no benefit in being associated with armed groups. It seems it was also designed to confuse those within those organisations and sow dissent and suspicion. All republicans should beware those who like McDonald make wild assertions without any factual basis whatsoever, spread half truths and distortions of events without trying to find out the truth. It is wise for all republicans and socialists to remember that before reaching conclusions the first task is to seek out the facts. Otherwise one is entitled to ask whose agenda is being served by the spread of gossip, innuendo and half truths?

Media lies. 2

Recently the Irish News carried a sensationalist front page story stating that leaders of the IRA, the INLA the UDA and the UVF had met in public for the first time at a launch of the Belfast Reconciliation Network on Wednesday 16th May 2007 in the Radisson Hotel, Gasworks, Belfast. For the record no representative of the INLA attended that meeting. The Belfast Reconciliation Network had sent an invitation to two members of Teach na Failte to attend the launch which they did. Neither Teach na Failte nor the Republican Socialist movement had been involved in any way with the formation or setting up of the BRN and knew little about it until they actually attended the launch. At the launch despite the presence of members of loyalist organisations on the platform along with Martin McAleese, husband of the Irish President Mary McAleese it was clear that the BRN was nationalist based and dominated by organisations close to the Provisional Republican Movement.
The incident shows the extend that members of the 4th estate will go to to allow themselves to be manipulated by the PRM.


Hunger strike speech in Derry

The following speech was delivered by Ard-Comhairle member Tomas Gorman in Derry on May 20th 2007.

I'll start by thanking the organisers of today's event for giving me the honour of speaking at today's commemoration of the 1981 Hunger Strike Martyrs. The magnitude of the 1981 Hunger Strikes is such that it impacts on us even today. We stand here in proud memory of the ten young martyrs. They gave their lives so that their struggle for Irish self determination and independence would be recognised as legitimate and be console ourselves somewhat in the knowledge that they were right in their struggle and today, they remain incorruptible.

Sadly we remain further from the Republic today than we were in 1981. Radical Republican Socialism has suffered a staggering defeat with the Britain incorporating a section of the Republican family into the administration of imperialism in Stormont. The British have put manners on PSF who now sit contently as clients of British Occupation with the same mild Nationalism that brought scorn from republicans towards the SDLP.

A Westminster govt that claims to have no strategic interest in holding the 6-counties, decides to build a new MI5 outpost in Co Down. It would appear that the British have lied again and why should we be surprised. They have no interest in an independent Socialist Republic and have manipulated the landscape here to such a form that they have no such fears for the foreseeable future.

A southern government expresses its republicanism through backhanders and favours. A corruption soaked morass that drips money while the welfare system crumbles was not the vision of the 1916 martyrs and FF should claim no lineage to them.

The DUP now are where they have wanted it to be.. Lording over a "normalised" Northern Ireland with an accepted veto over any changes in their very comfortable status quo. And this is being lauded as the irreversible momentum towards the unity of the island. Some people do seem to live in a looking glass world. We on the other hand live in the reality of this new dispensation. Ireland is now a cold house for Republicanism.

The deeds of 1981 offers us some strength as we struggle for new ways to further the republic today and one aspect of the Hunger Strike strikes me as particularly poignant and that is the unity of action that the Republican Prisoners applied to their prison struggle. They found a common cause and they cooperated closely to maximise the impact of their actions. It is an aspect of the 81 hunger strike that we must take heed off today as we try hard to make our voice heard.

That is not to say that we rush headlong into a union where pragmatism outweighs principle. It is important that we retain our values and structures as Republican Socialists within our own movement. We must build our movement and maintain our twin goals of national liberation and Socialism but we must also build bridges towards other Republicans and anti imperialists so that we can act in unity on issues upon which we find common ground. Prisoners rights, social issues, trade union issues, issues where the interests of capital are put before the needs of the people. By doing this we might advance the unity of Republican and anti imperialist forces in Ireland behind the issues that affect people hence capturing their support.

We in the RSM clearly state clearly that the class struggle will be the only way that Republicanism will ever be successful. Much like the Republican movement found itself in the late 50's, we find ourselves needing to reassess our strategy and that strategy must be to connect with those whom we claim to act on behalf of, and that is through the a multifaceted, coordinated class struggle. We implore all young republicans to join us on this course. It is perhaps not the easiest course but it is the most worthwhile.

For our struggle and struggle of the 81 men and all the rest of those who have contributed to and sacrificed themselves for ,continues today. Lets all leave this cemetery today and spare a thought for all our fallen martyrs.. and also spare another thought for how you as individual will contribute to furthering the struggle for the Republic. Will you organise in your community, your cumann, your trade union branch? Will you do nothing?

Whatever you choose to do, always remember the commitment and sacrifice and solidarity shown by the Hunger Strike Martyrs to each other and to us....and let that thought spur us ever onwards.



The following statement was delivered by James McDaid of Derry Republican Socialist Youth Movement at the IRSM national hunger strike commemoration on the 20^th of May, 2007.

We gather here once more to commemorate our martyrs, an everlasting inspiration to the youth of this nation. In commemorating them we rededicate ourselves to the politics they stood for. The politics and painstaking analysis of the Republican Socialist Movement is becoming increasingly relevant with each passing day. We correctly predicted that Provisional Sinn Féin, because of the class they serve, would be forced to eventually defend that class. They have now endorsed the armed wing of the capitalist ruling class. But, comrades, this struggle isn’t and wasn’t about creating nationalist millionaires or reforming the northern statelet.

The northern statelet cannot be reformed. It must be smashed along with any manifestation of its sectarian existence. We won’t be forced into any sort of compromise in exchange for positions within British rule or for the promise of Saxon shillings.

With that in mind, we would urge those who are genuine about elevating the working class struggle to become involved, to become active and to finish the work our martyred comrades began.


Anti Drugs Rally in the Short Strand

An estimated 200 people attended an anti-drugs rally in the Short Strand on Friday May 25th. The rally was called after the Republican Socialist Movement in the area had taken a hard line stance against drug dealers pushing their illicit dealings onto children and others. Drugs cause severe health problems such as damage to liver and kidneys, diabetes in later life and impotence- Severe mental health problems such as schizophrenia and depression- Cause many users to get into financial debt in situations where money is owed to dealers. Users will then be forced into committing crimes against their community and often against their own families to deal with this debt and to feed their habit. Drugs cause many young people to take their own lives due to their lives being destroyed by debts, addiction and both physical and mental health problems caused by drug abuse

Speaking after the rally Short Strand IRSP representative Gerard Forward said

“We can see from the numbers assembled here that there is a clear opposition to drug dealers from within our community.

“For too long working class communities have suffered under the plight
of drug dealers – often employed by the RUC/PSNI as informers. It is time the community took a stand against drug dealers.

“The dangers of all drugs – including cannabis should be exposed for all
to see. Cannabis often serves as a gateway drug and aggravates mental conditions. Drug dealers are responsible for an array of social problems. From breaking up families to forcing teenagers to carry out robberies to fund their addiction.”

Mr. Forward concluded “The position of the Republican Socialist Movement
as a whole is clear. We will not accept or tolerate drug dealers in our


Labour news


Last week, 26 year old Rodrigo Alexis Cisternas, a forestry worker in Chile was shot three times by police, and died. He was killed during a strike involving 7,000 workers. His union (and the global union federation representing forestry workers, the BWI) are asking all of us to take a moment and send a message to the Chilean government demanding an investigation of this crime, and to ensure that workers' rights are respected. Please take a moment to send off your message -- and to pass this on to others:


Five leading members of the newly formed United Workers-Farmers Organization (UWFO) of Vietnam have been arrested and remain in detention. It is not known if any of them have been charged with any offence. Independent trade unions are banned in Vietnam. Please support Amnesty International's appeal for action:



CTUWS is an independent civil society organisation in Egypt whose role is to develop independent trade unions which can defend workers' rights. One of its branches has just been closed by the government and another threatened with closure. For more details and ideas on how you can protest, go here:



The Southern and Eastern Region TUC is holding a free conference on this theme on Saturday, June 2nd. We hope to see many of you there. Full details are here:



Help needed for Medical Brigade leader speaking tour

Do you want to host a meeting with one of the leaders of Cuba's emergency medical brigades? Are you able to help promote the tour in your region?

CSC has just received confirmation that Dr Juan Carlos Dupuy Núñez, leader of the Cuban medical brigade, which treated 1.7 million people after the Pakistan earthquake in 2005, will be with us in the UK from Wednesday 30 May - Tuesday 19 June 2007.

Please contact Rob Miller, CSC Director or Natasha Hickman CSC Communications Manager on 020 7263 6452, email if you can help.

Full details at:



If you ran a business and some of your employees came to tell you thatworkers were being sprayed with a toxic chemical, wouldn't you listen to them? And if it turned out to be true, wouldn't you praise them for reporting the problem? That's not what Chiquita, one of the world's biggest and best known fruit companies, did. Instead, they have sacked two union members (Alexander Reyes and Marcos Borge) and ignored their warnings. They've refused to negotiate with the union, which has called for an international campaign of protest. Please take a moment to send off your message:



Marion Baur -The Flax Mill-Derrylane-Dungiven BT 47 4QD- Tel. 02877742655-Mail:, My 20th 2007

I hope this letter finds you well.
During the May-Day-Festival of the trade unions at St. George’s market in Belfast the Clean Clothes Campaign (CCC) had taken a stall. It was the first time the world’s largest campaigning organisation against child-labour and the partially horrific conditions in the world-wide garment industry was present in an Irish city. Surprising, one might think, given the huge tradition of textile manufacturing especially in the North of this island.
I had organised the stall together with my husband who works at Flax Mill and some friends.
Following from the many discussions around the stall; we have decided to call a meeting on Saturday, June 9th, starting at 4 pm here at the Flax Mill.
We want to explore the possibilities of starting a branch of the CCC and to see whether there is enough common ground amongst politically involved people, trade unionists and those who reject child- and sweat -shop labour and exploitation in the garment industry for ethical and religious reasons – Ireland should not fall behind all other European countries, where the CCC is now active.
I also think that manufacturers of textiles, especially small ones like my own mill, would benefit from an active campaign – the “running away” by a few large companies from these shores and to cheap-labour-countries has almost destroyed the infrastructure of the industry here and thrown many small producers off the market.
The CCC is not just another campaign by this that or the other group of activists. It is now supported by over 250 consumer-organisations, trade unions, political- and church groups and by countless individuals the world over.

My husband will give a short overview of the history and the activities of the CCC at the meeting and we hope to get involved in a debate about what can and should be done here.
I would hereby like to invite you to join us on June 9th.

I am sending this to you as an individual. Should you be member of a political organisation, trade union, church group etc. who you think might be interested; do not hesitate to pass this invitation on.
I would be delighted to be able to welcome you here on June 9th, of course we will have tea and a little bite to eat here – therefore it would be nice if you could indicate your coming.

Yours in solidarity
Marion Baur
Owner of Flax Mill Textiles



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Raidió Fáilte is now available world wide on the internet. Go to and press ‘Éist’ or ‘Listen’ to hear Belfast’s only Irish language radio station and the first Irish language station in the north of Ireland. We have a full schedule of music, news, chat, language lessons and craic. We are still building the website but you can listen to the station loud and clear. Contact us to let us know if you are receiving us and let us have any feedback, suggestions etc. Enjoy Raidió Fáilte 107.1fm On the air and on the waves!

Fergus Ó hÍr, Bainisteoir Stáisiún Station Manager
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Raidió Fáilte 107.1fm

What’s on?

The Republican Socialist Youth Movement have called for a picket of Store Street Gardaí station opposite Busáras in Dublin over the continued brutality of the Gardaí, not only in regards to Republican and Socialist activists, but against members of the community.

In recent times, up to seven people have died in Gardaí custody or shortly after being released with one, Terrence Wheelock from Summer Hill being murdered in Store Street station. The state then instigated a cover up from the highest levels when they knew that their true image was to be exposed.

The picket is being held on this particular date as Tuesday June 5th will be the 10th anniversary of the summary execution of INLA Volunteer John Morris from Tallaght. Vol. Morris had already surrendered himself but was shot in the back of the head. The INLA later affirmed that John’s weapon was not loaded.

The picket will commence at 2 pm, Store Street Gardaí station, Saturday 2nd June.


The next stage is a Preliminary Enquiry, at which the Prosecution present the charges to be pursued and outline the evidence. This will be on Thursday 5 June 2007, at Bishop Street Courthouse in Derry.
The Derry Anti War Coalition is organising a mass rally outside the courthouse on that day, calling for the charges to be dropped and urge everyone to begin making plans to come to Derry for that day.




To help the legal costs of the anti-war activists arrested at Stormont on 8th May during Blair's visit. The event will take place in the Roddy McCorley club on Saturday 16 June featuring top class musicians and guest speaker Bernadette McAliskey.

Please spread the word.

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